A 18 year old high school student has sex with a young girl and has been convicted of rape.

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 A 18 year old high school student has sex with a young girl and has been convicted of rape.

The court found that the defendant, Xiao Ming, was a high school student who had just reached the age of 18. He and Xiao Fang (under the age of 14) were boyfriend and girlfriend, and they were in love.

The court held that the defendant Xiao Ming knew Xiao Fang was under 14 years old and had sexual relations with him twice. His acts constituted the crime of rape and should be punished according to law. Considering that the defendant has just reached the age of 18 and is indeed in love with the victim, his subjective malignancy is relatively small, and he can truthfully confess the facts of the crime after the crime is committed, his attitude of confession is better, and he has the understanding of the victim and his guardian, and his family and the community agree to receive help and education, he is in accordance with the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China 236. Article 1, paragraph 2, article 64, paragraph 3, and article 72, paragraph 1, stipulate that they shall be given a lenient sentence of three yearsimprisonment and a suspended sentence of three years.

The judge said that rape is a violation of womens wishes and forced sexual relations. However, because of the sexual relationship between love and young girls under 14 years old, it often happens in real life, and many people have misunderstandings about the nature of this behavior. In order to protect the healthy growth of minor women, the law clearly stipulates that those who rape young women shall be punished as rape and severely punished. That is to say, having sexual relations with young girls under 14 years of age, whether they are willing or not, violates the criminal law, and should be investigated for criminal responsibility for rape and punished severely.

The lesson is painful. Xiao Ming was held criminally responsible for violating the criminal law. Xiao Fang left a shadow on her future growth because of her ignorance. The undertaking officer said that he appealed to people from all walks of life to strengthen legal education for minors, to strengthen the cultivation of self-protection awareness of young girls, and in particular to strengthen the management of the hotel industry and resolutely eliminate the occurrence of similar cases.

Kindergarten principal molested many young girls arrested girl: bully me 4 times

According to Yunnan Weibo Da [email protected], who exposed the incident, on September 2, many parents alerted the police station in Sayuxiang, saying that Zheng had forcibly molested their daughter in a kindergarten. New Hope Kindergarten is a rural kindergarten. More than 40 children from nearby villages attend the kindergarten. The head of the kindergarten is Zheng Mou, a man. Parents Dafei told upstream journalists that on September 2, Xiaofei, a 6-year-old daughter, was crying and unwilling to go to kindergarten. After questioning, Xiaofei told him that from March to August this year, Zheng had bullied her four times.