Men spend 6 million of their money in pursuit of white Fu Mei after 2 years.

 Men spend 6 million of their money in pursuit of white Fu Mei after 2 years.

Mr. Zhang felt that his dream lover had come, but what happened afterwards had never occurred to him.

Mr. Zhangs girlfriend is Li Li. He calls himself a Zhangjiagang native. He is 30 years old.

Li Li not only had a high reputation but also had a very good family. But strangely, in addition to online and telephone exchanges, Li Li Li is always looking for various reasons not to meet Mr. Zhang.

To this point, Mr. Zhang explained, She felt that I and my ex-wife might have something unclear. Then we had a quarrel for this matter. At that time, they quarrelled on WeChat, and later they blacked each other.

Originally, La Hei was not connected with each other, but Mr. Zhang was reluctant to contact each other because of his face.

Two people make a good start and sell for their girlfriends.

At this point, the emergence of a person made this relationship a turning point.

The cousin said that Li Li Lis parents are old enough to leave the business to her, but only if she marries as soon as possible and finds a husband who can invest and have financial ability.

Li Li then proposed to restore the old, saying that there was just a project on hand that could make a lot of money, and Mr. Zhang only had to pay for it. Thinking of being able to get together with Li Li earlier, Mr. Zhang didnt think much about it and agreed.

Mr. Zhang has a house under his name. He lived with his ex-wife before. After Mr. Zhang divorced, the house belonged to him. Li Li tried to persuade Mr. Zhang to sell the house. She said that after we get married, we cant live in this house with you. Mr. Zhang recalled.

Mr. Zhang sold the about 6000000 yuan to Li Lis account. Unexpectedly, after the money was given, there was no marriage.

When Mr. Chang proposed to meet again, the other side still refused. Only then did he realize that he might have been cheated.

According to the police investigation, Fan, the woman who contacted Mr. Zhang online, is not a rich second generation at all, but a single mother with two children who just divorced in August this year. Most of the luxuries she exposes in her circle of friends are online photos, even the so-called cousin is played by herself.

Fan Mou said that she and Mr. Zhang did chat for a year or two, chatting a lot every day, I feel that I am confused with the real identity, and they are together.

According to Han Chaoyuan, a police officer at Hudong police station of Suzhou Public Security Bureau, Mr. Zhangs call to more than 6 million people, Fanmou is like this: spent nearly 2 million people to buy a luxury car, and spent more than 1.5 million people to buy a property, the other nearly 3 million people, that is, all for high consumption, such as bars and so on. At present, fan fan has been arrested for fraud. Source: Jiangsu news editor: Shi Jianlei _NBJ11331

According to Han Chaoyuan, a policeman from Hudong Police Station of Suzhou Public Security Bureau, Mr. Zhang called more than 6 million people. Fanmou was like this:

It cost nearly about 2000000 to buy a luxury car.

Spent 150 tens of thousands of dollars to buy a house.

The rest is nearly 3 million.

They are all used for high consumption.

At present, fan fan has been arrested for fraud.