Sister scavenging has studied English for 26 years and translated English novels.

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 Sister scavenging has studied English for 26 years and translated English novels.

Can you imagine that this elder sister is not a top student, but a scavenger.

Yuan Yinghui, 44, is mainly engaged in the work of scavenging. It can earn one thousand yuan and two hundred or three hundred yuan per month.

Yuan has studied English for more than 20 years. When she was a child, she was very fond of reading. Not reading is as bad as eating without eating.

She went to vocational high school and studied fashion. After a year, she went to school.

She bought an English-Chinese dictionary with her first months salary at work. It cost more than 50 yuan at that time. Her father was very angry when she read it. Say you dont want to read, you should give up if you dont go to college.

Stubborn Yuan Yinghui did not think so. She decided to run away from home and go out to rent a house.

She went to a foreign language bookstore and bought the latest All over America and New Concept at that time. She also bought a spoken English textbook of Beijing Foreign Languages Institute. All of them were finished, and she subscribed to the Beijing weekly and Shanghai daily.

In 2003, her parents died. Since the summer of 2016, she has embarked on the road of job hunting. She has traveled all over Shanghai, Jinan and other places. She learns English between classes. She lives by collecting waste products.

Yuan Dajie felt that she was suitable for a job as a translator, but others said that it was too unreasonable, When translating, you have to go to college.

Although the job search was unsuccessful, Aunt Yuan was reluctant to give up. Ive come up with another way, or Ill translate a novel!

In May 2017, she went to the library and borrowed a book called missing person, translating 4 hours a day. By October 2017, the translation was finished. Im tired. Im tired with handwriting.

In September 2018, Yuan Da introduced her English novels to passers-by. I didnt expect this video to be popular. The staff at work, and the college graduates, say that you are amazing. I admire you.

Because of this video, more and more people have praised the message. Now yuans fans are 91 thousand.

Yuan Da Jie is still single now, but every day she is accompanied by English.

For this unique experience, she said she did not regret, I knew from a young age that I was different from them, I do not regret. She said that one of her favorite living conditions is that she has a small house in the countryside, raising chickens and ducks. I just want to translate some materials and contact some people with the same interests, thats enough.

Source: Jiangsu news editor: Shi Jianlei _NBJ11331