Foreign media: Obama Pitrup sent troops to the US Mexico border as a political show.

 Foreign media: Obama Pitrup sent troops to the US Mexico border as a political show.

Reference News Network reported on Nov. 4 that the mid-term elections in the United States, which may put Republicans in trouble in Congress, will be held in four days. President Trump keeps showing off the excellent economic data of the United States, but the focus of his talk is still on immigration.

According to Agence France-Presse reported on November 2nd, we have seen very excellent employment data. Trump went to a rally in West Virginia, Huntington, before the White House. The latest employment figures are really good: 250,000 jobs were added in October and the unemployment rate remained at a low level of 3.7%. Another encouraging trend is that the average wage has increased by 3.1%, which is higher than the price increase.

But no matter where Air Force One flies, Trumps focus has always been on immigration, which he believes is the key to boosting Republican elections, the report said. At Huntington, he said: Sometimes its not very exciting to talk about the economy because we have many other questions to say...

Reported that on October 31 Trump announced to send up to 15,000 officers and soldiers to the U.S. -Mexico border to deal with immigration caravans from poor countries in Central America. In November 1st, he also said that the US Army could shoot immigrants who tried to enter the United States illegally. On Nov. 2, he tried to soften the tough tone, saying that the officers and soldiers will not have to shoot, what I dont want to happen is that these people throw stones at the officers and soldiers.

However, Trump repeatedly stressed that the U.S. immigration system was the funniest in the world and that tightening immigration policy was necessary immediately, the report said. He warned that Democrats would accept caravans one by one.

Trump also released a video on Twitter this week alleging that illegal immigrant Louis Bracammons was accused of murdering two policemen in California in 2014 and boasting about his criminal acts in court, the report said. The caption capitalized the text: the Democrats let him into our country... The Democrats let him stay. In addition, an equal sign has been drawn between the above suspects and the caravans coming to the United States.

Reported that the video was strongly criticized by Democrats, but also made some members of the Republican camp feel uncomfortable. This is a disgusting advertisement. All Republicans should criticize this. Arizona Senator Jeff Fleck said. He was also one of the few people in the Republican party who publicly criticized Trump.

Reported that former President Barack Obama, who participated in the rally in Miami, said Trumps deployment of troops to the US-Mexico border just days before the mid-term elections was a political show. He said: this is just to divert attention and create terror.

Reported that Americans will participate in the mid-term elections on the 6th, to re-elect 435 members of the House of Representatives, a third of the senators (35 seats), 36 governors and many local administrators. Competition between the two parties has intensified, and the latest polls show that the Democratic Party may win a majority in the House of Representatives, which will mean the defeat of the Trump parliamentary war.

Data map: the US police are on duty on the US side of the US Mexico border wall in San Diego. Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Heng she

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