Yammie Nam was exposed to renamed the blue dream summers last birthday with her.

 Yammie Nam was exposed to renamed the blue dream summers last birthday with her.

Yammie Nam plays the role of spring thirty Niang / spider essence in the big talk westward journey.

Netease Entertainment reported on November 4 that Taiwanese media reported that Hong Kong star Lan Jieying had faded from the screen for many years and had been named the Beautiful Wutai Mountain of the last generation. Unfortunately, the night scene was bleak. He was found dead in the toilet at home early on the 3rd morning. He was 55 years old. Fans once worried that no one would help to deal with the matter. Fortunately, Gu, the chairman of the Hong Kong Performing Artists Association, was lucky. Tian Le [micro-blog] came forward to help, and said he would continue to find ways to find Yammie Nams family. As a matter of fact, she has three brothers and sisters and half brothers.

Lan Jieying is her real name, but in fact, she wanted to change the name of Blue Dream Summer because: I think there is a worddream, summer is also full of good (season). However, she later felt a bit artificial, so she gave up.

When Lan Jieying came out, he was praised by the TV station. Although he was twice snowed by the company because of contract disputes and late filming, he later steadied himself as a front-line actor by Intolerance. In 1995, he performed Spider Jing in Zhou Xingchis movie Dahua Westward Journey and became the most classic role, but not long after the release of Dahua Westward Journey. She faded out of the screen.

In September 1998, Lan Jieying overturned herself in Shallow Water Bay of Hong Kong. After being sent to the doctor, there was no serious problem. However, over the next 10 years, news of mental disorders was repeatedly transmitted. She and Chen Baolian, Cai Fenghua and Hong Chao Fengfeng were also named four great epilepsy kings by Hong Kong media. She was detained by airport police for more than 10 days at Vancouver Airport in 2000. She had hardly any work. After filing for bankruptcy in 2005, she lived on HK$3,700 from the Hong Kong government.

In an interview with Weekly magazine in 2013, Lan Jieying admitted that he had been sexually assaulted by two big brothers in the film industry, and revealed that two big brothers were supported by mafia. One of them had set up an entertainment company to cheat new people and sell herself. He also sexually assaulted many female stars, even the makeup artists at work. The victims were afraid to publicize it. The big brothers notoriety spread throughout the performing arts. Circle, but who exactly is this person, so far there is no answer.

On the family side, Lan Jieying is a middle-aged girl in her family. When she met her parents and died in 1995, she was hit hard, which has become a great regret in her heart. After another three years, she experienced a car accident, and became tranceless and lost her mind in the eyes of outsiders. Over the years, it has been rumored that her family was dirty and often lived on borrowing money. However, according to Hong Kong media reports, her close friend, who was also the first precious sister to discover her violent death, came forward to refute for her, emphasizing Lan Aigan. Clean, orderly at home and never borrowing money from others.

Jane describes Lan Jieying as a woman who not only loves cleanliness and reading, but also is sincere to people and kind-hearted. The friendship between the two sides is quite good. On April 27, when she met Blue on her 55th birthday, she bought a cake and celebrated her birthday with another friend in the church. But I did not expect that this would be the last birthday of Blue Jieying. (text: ETtoday)