The insider exposed the magician to scold Walton for being indifferent.

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 The insider exposed the magician to scold Walton for being indifferent.

It is not known whether the magician meets Walton and whether he has anything to do with Lebron. According to people familiar with the matter, the magician was very temperamental. When he talked with Wharton, he once shouted and scolded him. He also scolded him when Wharton interrupted his speech without mercy.

However, this does not mean that the Lakers have really lost patience with Walton.

Senior insider journalist Ramona Shelburne also said that the Magic had been so upset by the Dodgersloss. As a dodge boss, how he will react is not hard to imagine.

The Lakers lost two games away, and there was a chance to win, and the magician was very angry. He is such a person, very competitive, easy to be angry, began to curse at the meeting. In my opinion, such a thing must have happened more than once, Schell said. Maybe this is the first time hes mad at the coach this season, but anyone who has worked for the Magic in the Lakers should be used to his temper.

The magician kept smiling all the time in front of the public. But when the Lakers struggled in the past few years, judging by the way he attacked Danny and Jim Buss on the social network, it might not really matter to swear at Walton.

The Los Angeles Times also said: Magicians may be very impulsive to express anger, but he will never be very impulsive to make business decisions, easily fired Wharton.