Mans greedy night rented the net and went to the police station to steal the chicken.

 Mans greedy night rented the net and went to the police station to steal the chicken.

The man rented the net in the early morning to get a car to get rid of the greed and steal the chicken.

Xu Laobu in Zhishan Village, Fenghuang Town, raised a big cock, weighing more than 10 kilograms, ready to entertain relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. But when he got up early the other day, he found that the chicken tied to his door had disappeared. Was it the weasel who stole it?

Ma Liang, a police officer in Fenghuang Police Station, said, The scope of investigation has been expanded, and a net-appointed car was found just at that time. We identified the license plate number of the online car by checking this monitoring, and identified the owner by the license plate number.

The owners surname is Liang. Liang told the police that his hometown Zhang rented a car that night and said that a friend of Phoenix sent him a chicken to pick it up. Liang thought to himself, who will send chickens at this time of the morning. Although there is speculation in mind, but not in-depth study, we drove Zhang Mou to Phoenix, took the chicken, the next day, Zhang Mou temporary residence in Tangqiao fell into the net.

Ma Liang, police officer of Fenghuang Police Station, said, Zhang Mou found a chicken tied to the ground when he passed our (Phoenix) pier. At that time, he thought the chicken was very fat.

I heard early that Phoenixs Peach Garden Chicken is famous. That night, Zhang Mou spent tens of dollars renting a car from his hometown and rushed to Phoenix to steal chicken from Tangqiao. When he got home, he made a fire, boiled water and plucked hair, and then stewed the chicken.

The chicken is delicious, Zhang also paid a small price. In the end, he was detained by the police for 2 days for theft.

When a woman finds a waiter to steal food before serving?

On the evening of October 30, Ms. Luo and her friends came to a large restaurant near the Changhu Road Express Ring for dinner. They were in a good mood. However, Ms. Luo inadvertently took a look outside the box door, immediately lost her appetite and felt nauseated to the extreme. What exactly did MS Lo see? At that time, she saw a waiter in a white shirt, picking up the dish from the plate and putting it into her mouth. After eating, the dish was also delivered to the guests table.