The old man only got 800 yuan into the counterfeit banknote and was deceived again after the exposure.

 The old man only got 800 yuan into the counterfeit banknote and was deceived again after the exposure.

Chen Yuanqing, 96 years old, Dali Village, San Yu Town, Nantong, Jiangsu,

I met a cheater at the bus stop.

I have only 800 yuan in cash.

Instantly turned into counterfeit banknotes!

And then things are very warm.

Chen Yuanqing the old man

96 year old man waiting for a car, 800 yuan cash was stolen

Chen Lao recalls that a man was exchanging money with him at the bus stop the other day.

Change 100 dollars with me first, and then change 100, give me 200 yuan and small change to me. I came out of my wallet for 800 yuan, and he said he simply changed with me, and my ticket was quite new.

After 800 yuan was exchanged, the old man came to a supermarket near his home. During chatting with the supermarket owner, they gradually found that the exchange of money was somewhat strange.

Supermarket boss

I checked out that it was all fake. When I looked outside, the man was gone! At that time, the supermarket owner rushed to call the police for the old man.

When he learned that his 800 yuan cash had turned into counterfeit money, the old man was very sad, because the money was left to him by his deceased son, and the old man was reluctant to use it.

This money was brought back by my son at the Bailongmiao Bank during the Spring Festival. It has not been used yet. What can I do with my sadness?

Good intentions make a white lie: money has been found!

Seeing the old man deceived, the supermarket owner was very upset, so he sent the old mans experience to the circle of friends.

Who knows, within three minutes, his friend Wu Xiaodong sent 800 yuan red envelope on his own initiative! They discussed giving some money to the old man, but they wanted to reassure him.

Finally, the two decided to make up a white lie.

Tell the old man that the money has been found, comfort him first, let him not be anxious, anyway, we can live without 800 yuan. Its really killing to lose 800 yuan at such an old age.

The old man was very happy and got grateful for the 800 yuan that he had lost. And the supermarket boss said he would go to see the old man often and let him enjoy his old age.

Z2N2E5N1 be careful at the beginning of the bill! The booth owner receives 5 5 yuan counterfeit money in 3 days.

The little brother who sells tofu brains receives five hundred yuan counterfeit notes for three consecutive days. Most of the titles begin with Z2N2 and E5N1, while the Chinese Business Daily reports that fifteen hundred yuan counterfeit notes were received for half a month all start with Z2N2. The bean curd booth of Xiao Ge started business in August, and its business is booming. There are more than 100 sales per day. At 8 am on October 6, the husband and wife were doing business as usual. When they were busy, the younger brother, who was selling socks at a side stall, suddenly came up with a hundred-dollar bill and said to Ms. Li, Sister, I accidentally collected a fake money. Be careful. Ms. Lis heart sank, and she thought, how many 100 yuan bills have been collected in those days?

After collecting the stall, the couple counted their income and found that a hundred-dollar bill had a wrong handle. After identification, it was a counterfeit currency. After statistics, there were five similar coins, which were collected in the past three days.