Poverty alleviation cadres and poor households partnership to deceive and borrow 26 cattle to defraud tens of thousands of yuan

 Poverty alleviation cadres and poor households partnership to deceive and borrow 26 cattle to defraud tens of thousands of yuan

It is also necessary to report a letter from the Hecheng District Commission for Discipline Inspection. In March this year, we received reports from the masses that Cheng Moyong, deputy director of the Bureau of Cultural and Sports Guangxin, was the leader of the village poverty alleviation task force and the first Secretary of the village Party branch in Wujiaxi Village. He and a poor household who had set up a file to establish a card had falsely reported a beef cattle breeding project to defraud the subsidized funds of the poverty alleviation industry. Hecheng District Supervision Committee member Ceng Biao introduced.

After receiving the report, the staff of the Fifth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of the Hecheng Discipline Commission went to Wujiaxi Village to investigate and found that Yumou did build a simple bullpen near his home, but by asking his neighbors, it was confirmed that he had not really raised cattle.

With the deepening of the investigation, Yumouquans routine gradually emerged: according to the poverty alleviation policy in Hecheng District, poor households can receive a subsidy of 2,000 yuan per head for cattle raising. After knowing all about it, Yu built a bullpen near his home and bought cattle feed. He wanted to apply for a small credit loan to help the poor to buy cattle, but he did not apply for the loan. Watching the bullpen being repaired and the feed being purchased, Yu Mou had a twisted mind in order to get the subsidy for cattle raising smoothly.

In November 2016, Yu agreed privately with Ding Mou of the neighbouring village to purchase 26 cattle from Ding Mou for his own beef cattle breeding project. Yu Mou paid Ding Mou 110,000 yuan as a deposit for cattle.

He actually did not buy the economic power of 26 cows. After getting 26 cattle from Ding Mou, he first found Cheng Moyong, the leader of the poverty alleviation team, and expressed the idea of driving poor households to declare the beef cattle breeding project. He intends to send those cattle back after the acceptance of the project. Yang Hui, director of the Fifth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of Hecheng Discipline Inspection Commission, said.

At this point, Cheng Yong is eager to fight for poverty alleviation funds for poor families and help them get rid of poverty at an early date. When Yu said that he wanted to declare a cattle raising project, he readily agreed. Therefore, Chengmou bravely went to Yumouquan cattle farm to inspect, in the absence of verifying the true source of Yumouquans 26 cattle, and so on, he agreed to declare the beef cattle breeding industry poverty alleviation project.

In this way, Yumouquan Beef Cattle Breeding Industry Poverty Alleviation Projects declared data through a brave sorting report to the Hecheng District Poverty Alleviation Office. In April 2017, Yu received a total of 42 thousand yuan from the poverty alleviation industry award. However, some poor cattle farmers have not received financial support, which has a negative impact on the local people.

Recently, Chengmouyong was severely warned and punished by the Party because of poor supervision of poverty alleviation funds, and the responsible persons of relevant units were also subject to corresponding disciplinary sanctions. The clues of the suspected crimes of Yumou et al. were transferred to the judicial organs for handling according to law, and 42,000 yuan of funds for violating discipline had been recovered.

Yumou did not really want to raise cattle, but wanted to defraud the national poverty alleviation funds through false reporting projects, but because our inadequate work caused national economic losses and affected the image of poverty alleviation cadres, I regret it very much. Cheng Yong said.

After the incident, Hecheng District rectified the poverty alleviation project of beef cattle breeding industry, strictly following the procedures of village declaration, Township audit, District approval, and publicized it publicly so as to let the masses supervise and avoid the recurrence of such phenomena.

The Deputy Secretary of the county political and Law Commission was killed.

On the morning of October 21, hundreds of cadres and masses who came to see Comrade Kong Xiangming off spontaneously were immersed in tremendous sorrow as the mountains in the mountain city bowed down and the rivers sobbed.

Born in December 1977, Kong Xiangming was 41 years old. He died as Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Zhashui County Committee and director of the Maintenance of Stability Office. On the morning of October 16th, Kong Xiangming fell into a job because of a sudden illness. On his desk were boxes of dismantled methylcobalamin, Gastrodia headache tablets and so on. A large number of documents and materials were neatly arranged and revised in a corner. The notebook also remembered a few things to be done for poor households in the near future.