Sick father is unwilling to ask his son for money to grow a water tank and drown his wife: not his son is not filial.

 Sick father is unwilling to ask his son for money to grow a water tank and drown his wife: not his son is not filial.

When a man is gone, he will no longer be punished by that crime. In November 1st, Chen Qifang, a 88 year old village in Shanxi, gazed at the portrait of his wife and became depressed.

Chen Qifang was born in the poor and backward old society in the 1930s. At the age of 18, his parents took the initiative to introduce him to Wang Houpu, a honest young man from the same village. Wang Hou Pus farming is a good hand. Besides, he will also work as a carpenter. Therefore, compared with ordinary families, the family is not worried about food and clothing, and soon after marriage, they have a son and two daughters.

With sons and daughters, the couple live a more life. In 1978, Chen Qifang and his wife used the 200 yuan they had saved over the years to marry their 20-year-old son and their two youngest daughters. When the tasks of parents have been completed, the burden is relaxed. Later, the daughter-in-law also gave birth to a baby, watching the grandchildren grow up one after another, Chen Qifang and his wife discussed the familys six acres of land all to his sons farming.

People will not suffer if they leave. Chen Qifang knew his wife was suffering from emphysema and was unable to breathe. He did not want to drag his son away. After her husbands death, the son was full of self blame and guilt. It is not that you are not filial piety, but that you are not able to cure him. Chen Qifang can also understand his sons difficulties and often enlighten his son. After all, his son is 60 years old, and his grandson is still unmarried. All the burdens lie on his son.

The father of his fathers high speed tunnel jumps and jumps.

In order to take care of the mentally disturbed father conveniently, Master Peng of Hancheng, Shaanxi Province, took his father with him when he traveled all over the country. But on September 3, Master Pengs father suddenly fell ill on the highway and shouted to get off and go home, or jump out of the car, which could make Master Peng very anxious. In order to prevent his father jumping, Peng master parked his car in the emergency parking lot of yunya high speed tunnel. After getting out of the car, the old man just like wandering in his own yard dam, and even walked into the middle of the driveway, making people feel cold sweat.