Streaking fireworks! After IG won the national college, the aunt of the boiling school was ignorant.

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 Streaking fireworks! After IG won the national college, the aunt of the boiling school was ignorant.

Yesterday, was your friend circle cleaned by IG?

If you dont, you drive micro-blog.

It is said that many colleges and universities are like this tonight.

Is the dormitory crazy?

The canteen is also crowded with live broadcast.

What happened to Aunt Su?

Some netizens are exposing themselves. In Internet cafes, computer screens are kept in line with computer courses.

Whats more, its so exciting to let fireworks go.

Streaking celebration?

On November 3, Beijing time, the 2018 hero League global finals were held at Wenhe Stadium in Incheon, Korea. IG3-0 defeated the European team FNC and won the first championship in the team history S series, which is also the first championship in the LPL history S series.

This victory is not too much to create a new history of Chinas electric competition.

At the end of the game, the whole team huddled together. Some players had tears in their eyes. In ecstasy, Rookie even went the wrong way when he left the battle room.

Its not real. Its like dreaming, thinking youre not awake. After winning the FMVPs Ning, they were thrilled.

South Korean contestant Rookie also believes that this is a moment when dreams come true.

Although a Korean player, Rookie can speak fluent Chinese. On the award stand after the competition, facing the Korean audience and a large number of Chinese TV fans coming from afar, Rookie speaks Korean while speaking Chinese, and speaks his own translation. He absorbs countless powders at one time.

S8 finally sealed the gods, and the Chinese team had been waiting for 8 years. The iG team admitted that it was hard to come by.

After the end of the competition, CCTV news and peoples electronic competition first reported this great news. Ziguang Pavilion, an important party magazine of the working committee of the central and state organs, also received news to congratulate IG on winning the championship and attracted a large number of netizens to forward it.

In addition, the boss of the winning team was also hot.

Wang Sicong, the founder of the club, not only supervises herself in Korea.

They were also photographed hungry and cold, buy warm babies and eat hot dogs.

After the game, Wang Sicong first sent micro-blog:

After a while, Wang Sicong was very serious and thanked the staff and the team members.

Wang Sicong had previously said that if IG wins, everyone will get a 1 million yuan bonus.

For this subtitle, everything seems to be worth it.

Many people do not know how to play the League of heroes, but when watching live broadcast, they are still very excited.

Maybe it is because the world champion is the obsession of all LPL players. We really waited too long.

Even overseas players are very surprised.

(Reddit comments, maps from play plus LOL)

In this relatively new arena, China has gradually reached its highest point. The motivation of Chinas electronic competition is not to lose any kind of international competitive events.

IG wins Wang Sicongs excitement to blueprint and asks netizens not to send themselves to eat hot dog photos.

Wang Sicongs iG team swept the championship 3:0 in Incheon, South Korea, in the hero League S8 global finals on the afternoon of March 3. As the owner, Wang Sicong personally went to the scene to refuel for his team. During the competition, it was unexpected that his appearance of eating hot dogs was photographed by netizens and made expression packs to spread madly on the whole network.