The morgue remains were dug into the hospital: the main body responsible for the care of the corpse was in the family.

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 The morgue remains were dug into the hospital: the main body responsible for the care of the corpse was in the family.

Family members said that the hospital contracted morgue to the outside world to ask for more than 1000 yuan. On the morning of November 2, the hospital denied the outsourcing of mortuaries, calling them open management. No medical staff involved in the case has been found yet. The executive vice president of Ningxiang Peoples Hospital said that the main responsibility for the supervision of corpses still lies in the family members. The hospital only fulfills the responsibility of assisting the family members in guardianship. Reporter investigation found that the local hospital has a contract mortuary phenomenon.

Double theft of Hunans Ningxiang remains: hospital accused of outsourcing morgue

On the afternoon of October 30, in the mortuary of Ningxiang Peoples Hospital, Hunan Province, a body that had passed away for about 11 hours was stolen from its eyes. When the family members of the deceased were found, the suspect could not even take away the metal stents placed on the bodys eyes. The Beijing News reporter found that the person whose eyes were stolen was called Li Mouming, Ningxiang city. At the end of November last year, he fell at a construction site and almost became a vegetable.

Hunans morgue remains were dug up: the offender used the shift gap.

On the evening of October 31, the responsible person of Ningxiang Municipal Bureau of Health and Planning responded to the surging news. The situation is true. At present, the local public security has filed a case for investigation. According to the person in charge, the suspected organ buyer and seller who dug his eyes made use of the gap between the shift of hospital morgue staff. Regarding whether there are hospital staff involved in the crime, the person in charge said that the police are investigating, if there are staff involved, the hospital will be severely punished. At about 0 a.m. on November 1st, Ningxiang authoritative sources disclosed to the surging news that many suspects had been arrested and hospital staff suspected of participating.

The dead body of a mortuary in Hunan was dug up and the police arrested 4 suspects.

Late in the night of October 31, four suspects in Ningxiang, Hunan, were detained for the crime of stealing and insulting corpses. Among these four, there are both morgue workers and outsiders. Preliminary judgment is that there is collusion between inside and outside, and there is the possibility of organ trafficking. The case is being further excavated.