The old man suspected that his neighbor had been abusing his daughter for a long time.

 The old man suspected that his neighbor had been abusing his daughter for a long time.

The neighbours are troubled.

Thousands of miles to build books only for the wall, let him three feet, the Great Wall still exists today, not the Qin Shihuang. This is the story of the famous Six-foot Lane, which makes future generations understand the broad sea and sky. However, in Zhoukou Huaiyang Liu Zhentun Village Muji Village, there is a contradiction between neighbors because of building houses, and the building side is not only aggressive. Compulsory occupation of land to build a house, but also abuse and beating each other, as a result, an old lady because of the humiliation, and finally hanged herself.

Ms. Yan said that the buildings built by the neighbours were not only higher, but also occupied the homestead of his family across the border, so they had repeatedly reported to the relevant departments.

Because of their childrens long-term migrant work, there are only two elderly people in the family and their neighbours see each other, not only in front of the law enforcement departments without any convergence, but also worsen the cost.

After the conflict happened, the old man found the village committee for the first time and wanted the village branch book to come out for mediation, but both sides refused to give in, and the village committee mediated three or four times without resolving the contradiction.

In order to avoid further intensification of the contradiction, the old man came to the government of Liu Zhentun Township, Huaiyang County for help.

Ms. Yan said that the no-care attitude made the neighbors feel they had a backstage. After the neighbors built the frame of the house, they ran to their house and built a wall in the courtyard.

As the contradictions between neighborhoods grew deeper and deeper, on the afternoon of October 28, the family found that Ms. Yans mother had sought shortsightedness.

On the morning of November 1, the reporter met Zang Sijie, Secretary of the Disciplinary Commission responsible for mediation, in the government of Liu Zhentun Township, Huaiyang County.

Bibliography said that after the incident, the township government has set up an investigation team, he suggested that reporters to the investigation team to learn about the situation. But reporters at the village committee and the scene did not see the investigation team.

Half an hour later, the Tibetan Secretary arrived at the scene and made a promise to his family.

Source: Henan TV editor: Guo Ping _B7442