Russian anti submarine fighters fly over the NATO military exercise at low altitude to see the us stay.

 Russian anti submarine fighters fly over the NATO military exercise at low altitude to see the us stay.

Overseas Network, November 4, with the NATO Trident exercise in full swing near Norway, local time Friday (2), a Russian anti-submarine fighter Tu-142 low-altitude overflew NATO national warships participating in the exercise, making the presence of the U.S. military unprepared. Moscow said it was a routine flight.

According to todays Russian and Xinhua English websites, when the Tu-142 anti-submarine fighter aircraft appeared, the US military on the flagship of the Sixth Fleet of the United States, Mount Whitney, was busy taking photos.

This is a long-range Marine Patrol reconnaissance aircraft. A US Army sighed. Defense News, an American military website, said the American soldier was deeply attracted when he saw Russian Tu-142, which was his first close look at the Russian Tu-142 field flight.

Russias Ministry of Defense later confirmed that two Tu-142 anti-submarine warplanes flew for 12 hours over the neutral waters of the Norwegian Sea on the 2nd, and then successfully returned to the military base in the Vogda region of north-central Russia. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, all Russian naval flights are conducted in strict accordance with international airspace rules and without violating the borders of other countries.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense said in a press release that the heavy nuclear missile Peter the Great of the Russian Northern Fleet entered the Barents Sea on Saturday (3) for combat training. According to the press release, the cruiser will conduct a series of anti-submarine and anti-aircraft exercises and combat training with practical weapons.

NATO Trident exercises were held in Norway from October 25 to November 7. About 50,000 soldiers/250 aircraft, 65 ships and up to 10,000 military vehicles from 29 countries participated in the exercises. The exercise is the largest exercise near the Russian border in recent years.

Tu-142 is a turbo-helical anti-submarine fighter produced in the Soviet Union, currently in the Pacific Fleet and the Northern Fleet. Tu-142 is also a modified Soviet maritime patrol aircraft based on Tu-95MS strategic bomber, which is an important electronic reconnaissance platform in Russia besides carrying out maritime patrol missions similar to P-3C.

Tu-142 has four turboprop engines with power up to 10,000 KW. After upgrading, it chose ATR-2E and ATR-3 light acoustic guided anti-submarine torpedoes with active/passive acoustic guidance technology. The torpedoes weigh about 0.6T, warhead weighs 76KG, have a range of 3.4KM and a high speed of 60 knots, and can hit 500 meters deep. Submarine sailing at high speed in water. Compared with the U.S. P-3C Orion patrol aircraft, Tu-142 has better cruise capability and flight speed, and it can carry more diverse weapons and electronic equipment.

Before the NATO exercise, US Navy ships were damaged by big waves and several people were injured.

NATO will hold its largest military exercise since the end of the cold war in Norway and its surrounding areas, the Trident Contact, starting from 25 local time, with about 50,000 soldiers participating. On the eve of the exercises, however, the United States, NATOs eldest man, had a disadvantageous start. On its way to Norway, its warship in Iceland was attacked by waves, resulting in damage to the ship and injuries to several crew members. Finally, two of the three ships had to return to the port in Iceland.