Lanhai high-speed accident occurred on the downhill slope of 17 km.

 Lanhai high-speed accident occurred on the downhill slope of 17 km.

Up to now, 14 people have died, 34 people have been injured (including the driver who caused the accident was slightly injured), and 31 vehicles have been damaged to varying degrees. The driver was reported to be under the control of the public security organ and was under investigation.

According to the report compiled by the Gansu Provincial Government General Duty Room at 21:40 on November 3, preliminary statistics have resulted in 14 deaths and more than 30 injuries. Traffic police and rescue workers have arrived at the scene. Up to now, all trapped personnel have been rescued. Now, the Lanzhou South toll plaza is temporarily controlled temporarily, and there is rain and snow on the spot.

The Lanzhou Daily reported in November 11, 2013 about the potential safety hazard of this section.

Gansu: Lanzhou Expressway forms 17 km dangerous zone

Since September 16, 2013, Lanzhou Municipal Government has imposed new regulations on the restriction of large trucks on urban roads, which has resulted in a large number of large trucks leaving Lanlin Expressway to enter Lanzhou City and waiting for early morning traffic at 0 to 2 kilometers of Lanlin Expressway. This phenomenon has caused highway congestion and serious safety hazards. On November 9, 2013, the reporter learned from the Hanjiahe Brigade, the first team of the expressway, that the Hanjiahe Brigade had reported the situation to Gansu Provincial Public Security Bureau in response to the detention problem of large trucks at Lanlin Expressway, and that the provincial department would coordinate the relevant departments to negotiate and solve the problem so as to avoid punching in the 17 km long downhill section of the Lanlin Expressway. Accidents cause mass casualties.

On the evening of November 9, 2013, when reporters came to the zero kilometers of the G75 Lanhai Expressway, they saw that a large number of trucks were parked at zero kilometers to two kilometers waiting for passage, and all of them were heavy semi-trailers and large trucks. Reporters in the scene time, Lu also continued to have a large truck parked in this section. Reporters asked the driver to find that these temporary parking vehicles are released in the early morning, waiting to enter the city. Presently, the reporter saw that several police cars of the Hanjiahe brigade were coming from south to north, shouting at the trucks to persuade them. Subsequently, dissuaded by the high-speed traffic police, the truck began to start slowly to leave the highway and enter the section along Provincial Highway 103. Li Bin, deputy leader of the Hanjiahe Brigade, told reporters that after mid-September, the Lanzhou Municipal Government implemented new restriction measures for large trucks on urban roads. Some trucks entering the city during the period of waiting for the lifting of the prohibition at high speed stopped at the section of Lanlin Expressway from 0 km to 2 km, which lasted from 11:00 pm to 2:00 pm the next day. He emphasized that the stagnation of the road surface at the junction of these large trucks caused serious congestion and persuaded the returning vehicles to stay at 103 Provincial Highway, which prevented the vehicles entering the expressway from the direction of urban area and 103 Provincial Highway from entering the expressway and the vehicles entering the urban area from Lanzhou South Toll Station from leaving the expressway. A large number of vehicles were stranded near the urban exit of the long downhill section of Lanlin Expressway, which lasted from September to November 2013. The largest number of trucks parked on the expressway for one night were four or five kilometers long. In order to avoid accidents, Hanjiahe brigade sends special personnel to persuade these trucks every night to prevent accidents.

Reporters learned that the 17 km long downhill section of Lanlin Expressway itself is prone to major road traffic accidents caused by out-of-control trucks. If the out-of-control trucks rush down and happen to meet the trucks parked here waiting to enter the city, then the traffic accidents of mass casualties will inevitably occur. According to statistics, from the end of December 2004 to June 15 this year, 240 vehicles in the downhill section of Xinqidaoliang of Lanlin Expressway lost control, resulting in 42 deaths and 55 injuries. Among them, 18 out of control vehicles crashed into downtown Lanzhou, killing 31 people and injuring 36 people. In 2012 alone, 55 out-of-control accidents occurred in the long downhill section, resulting in 9 deaths. For this reason, the long downhill section of Lanlin Expressway has always been the top priority of the first expressway team.

Cai Ziwei, captain of Hanjiahe Brigade, introduced that the New Qidaoliang Tunnel of Lanlin Expressway is located in Qilihe District of Lanzhou City. The north entrance of the tunnel is 16 kilometers to Lanzhou. The road is a continuous downhill and multi-curve section. Heavy trucks are prone to serious traffic accidents because of braking failure. It is adjacent to Lanzhou City for many years. The Ministry of public security and the provincial level focus on harnessing dangerous roads. In order to avoid hidden dangers to the greatest extent, the high-speed traffic police department has established four emergency escape lanes, but because there are still few lanes to avoid, accidents caused by out-of-control vehicles are still high. In August 2005, the Hanjiahe Brigade also set up a new Qidaoliang Squadron, with special police forces stationed for a long time, to register, inspect and issue warning cards for heavy trucks, passenger vehicles and dangerous chemicals transport vehicles passing by, and to give road conditions prompts.

Relevant leaders of the Hanjiahe Brigade told reporters that since mid-late September 2013, when large trucks concentrated on the Lanlin Expressway from 0 km to 2 km, a serious traffic hazard of mass casualties and injuries occurred after large vehicles lost control. The Hanjiahe Brigade has undergone field investigation and investigation. Later, hidden dangerous materials have been reported to the first detachment of the expressway. After re-checking the investigation, a detachment will report the materials to the provincial public security department. The provincial public security department has actively consulted the relevant departments of Lanzhou on this potential problem.

Lanzhou car accident 14 dead 34 injured: the accident semi-trailer belongs to the company called the affiliated car.

According to the announcement of 23:54 on November 3 by the Propaganda Department of Lanzhou Municipal Committee and Lanzhou Internet News Center, at about 19:21 on November 3, a major road traffic accident occurred at Lanzhou South Toll Station of Lanzhou-Hai Expressway in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province: a heavy semi-trailer collided with multiple vehicles. Up to now, 14 people have been killed, 34 injured and 31 vehicles damaged to varying degrees. The driver was slightly injured and the brake was reported to be out of order, which has been controlled by public security organs and is under investigation.

According to the circular, the vehicle causing the accident was Liao AK4481 heavy semi-trailer driven by Li Feng, a driver from Liaoning Province. The vehicle travels along the Lanhai Expressway from south to north, through 17 kilometers of downhill section, and runs to 50 meters away from Lanzhou South Toll Station. It collides with multiple vehicles, causing the aforementioned accident.