Mens horizontal bar Shaw seventh, China gymnastics 4 gold medal medal tally second

 Mens horizontal bar Shaw seventh, China gymnastics 4 gold medal medal tally second

Xiao John

Dutch Flying Brother Zondrand, the super air movement is still dazzling, he made two large circles of two consecutive flights, both positive and negative grab bars are stable, almost stationary on the ground. Zondrand finished with 8.3 points and scored 15.100 points. He won the third horizontal bar gold medal in the World Championship after 2014 and 2015.

The horizontal bars with high specifications and quality, straight back flip bars, grab bars, Cassina, Coleman all succeeded, and the way out was very stable. The difficulty score was 6.4, 8.400, and 14.800 points won the runner-up. American players Mikulak, Cassina and Coleman succeeded, followed by two consecutive flights, and finally came to a stop two weeks later. The difficulty score was 6.1, 8.433 and 14.533.

The defending champion, Slobich, made four consecutive flights on the bars. The overall performance was smoother, the quality of the completion was higher, the overall was crisp, and the final two straight weeks were 360 times off the bars. J M Beech scored 6.4 points in 8.1 and got 14.500 points in fourth.

Deng Shudis bars are clean, several special cards are in place, Zhongchuan 360 and Makailov are excellent, moving a small step under the law, the difficulty score is 6.4, 7.666, 14.066 points in the sixth place. Xiao Ruotengs horizontal bars are mainly stable, and the quality of several kinds of special cards is not bad. The 360-connection Machelov is slightly ordinary in the middle. The angle control of the nearest bars and the rotation is good, and the 720 straight body is also relatively stable. Xiao Ruotengs difficulty was 6.1 points and 7.8 points, and 13.900 points were seventh.

At the end of this World Championship, China ranked second in the medal list with 6 medals in 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze, while the United States ranked first with 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.