Beijing Railway Station, Chinas four gold, Xu Jiayu and Li Zhuhao won the double crown.

 Beijing Railway Station, Chinas four gold, Xu Jiayu and Li Zhuhao won the double crown.

Xu Jiayu has won the mens 200-meter backstroke championship, 50-meter backstroke fight again, he ranked first in the preliminary race, the final still has obvious advantages, swimming out of 22.70 seconds to win the championship, and won the second individual gold medal in this race. Andrew of the United States and Morozov of Russia won the second and third runners-up in 23.14 seconds and 23.36 seconds respectively.

Li Zhuhao, who won the 100-meter butterfly swimming champion yesterday, made a further effort to swim 1 minute, 51 seconds and 94 seconds, becoming the double crown like Xu Jiayu. In the mens 200-meter Medley final, Wang Shun won the championship in 1 minute, 52.08 seconds, while Japanese swimmer Jingtai Shakan won the runner-up in 1 minute, 53.87 seconds.

In the womens 100-meter backstroke final, Fu Yuanhui won the fifth with 57.09 seconds, Arthurton of Australia won the championship with 56.49 seconds, and Hoszu of Hungary won the runner-up with 56.53 seconds. In the womens 200m freestyle, Dutch swimmer Simskock won the championship in 1 minute 52.22 seconds, while Swedish champion Shesteren won the runner-up in 1 minute 52.35 seconds. Yang Junxuan scored 1 points, 53 seconds, 41 second runner up, Li Bingjie only 1 minutes, 53 seconds, 48 place fourth.

In the womens 50 meter butterfly final, Zhang Yufei swam out of 25 seconds 31 to win the third runner up. Sweden won the championship in 25.03 seconds, while NetherlandsCromwiedeyu finished second in 25.04 seconds, 0.01 seconds behind. In the womens 100m breaststroke final, Russias Evermova won with 1:03.09, while Jamaicas black athlete Atkinson won the runner-up with 1:03.44. In the womens 400-meter Medley final, Hungarys famous athlete Hoszu won the championship by an absolute advantage, with a result of 4 minutes, 25 seconds and 68 seconds. Zhou Min lagged behind him for more than 11 seconds, with 4 minutes and 37 seconds to get runner up 02.

In the mens 50 meter breaststroke, Russian player PuLida won 26 seconds 02, Yan Zi Bei swam out 26 seconds 40 ranked fifth. In the mens 100-meter freestyle, Russias famous athlete Molozov won the championship in 45.66 seconds and Hou Yujie won the third place in 47.52 seconds. Ji Xinjie finished second in the mens 1500m freestyle with 14 minutes, 35 seconds and 13 seconds. Ukraines famous swimmer Roman Chuk won the first place with 14 minutes, 29 seconds and 88 seconds.

The mens and womens 4*50 metre freestyle relay was finalized. The Chinese team, which played by Hou Yujie, Yu Hexin, Wu Yue and Zhu Menghui, took the lead in swimming 1 minute, 31. 17 seconds to win the championship. This is the fourth gold medal Chinas swimming team has won today. Tomorrow, the Beijing Railway Station will be the final of the last 12 events.