Xu Jiayu: confidence in Yans value fans. Fu Yuanhui sympathized with her.

 Xu Jiayu: confidence in Yans value fans. Fu Yuanhui sympathized with her.

Xu Jiayu couldnt help praising herself when commenting on her competition after the match: She swims very well, is very happy to break through her best result, has improved a lot, and has more confidence in the competition after that. Speaking of the reasons for the improvement, he thought it was inseparable from his own efforts: The relationship between foreign training is not very big, mainly because I insisted on training without holidays and no rest, which is a key to my great promotion in this competition.

In the last short pool race in Beijing, Xu Jiayus performance was very passionate. After winning the championship, he even kissed the audience. This time, he calmed down a lot. He joked, In some respects, we should keep a low profile. We should show you my best side with outstanding results. I hope you will pay attention to my achievements and face value. I am right. Face value is self confidence.

Xu Jiayu did not win the gold medal in the World Championship of Short-pool Swimming in Hangzhou in December. Asked about the goal of the competition, he confessed that he did not want to put too much pressure on himself: The goal must be to break the record, I suddenly feel embarrassed to say it again, or to keep a low profile, because the goal of the Asian Games at that time made me feel embarrassed. Psychological pressure is great, take a piece and put it down a little, but the more you put it down, the heavier it will be, the more depressed it will be. Especially the last one is the most difficult. After swimming the first one, it is 0.07 seconds short, I will feel that it will affect the final outcome, and then I will recall the feeling of self-reproach.

In the preparation for the next battle, Xu Jiayu hoped to pay more attention to details: Details in the day-to-day training, to improve their skills, 16 years Windsor 50m backstroke is not a good turn, and then no place, when I hope that the next training must pay more attention to turning and other details, certainly to help themselves is: A very big game that cant make mistakes happen again.

Xu Jiayu has also attracted more and more attention as his grades have improved, but he said that no one knows him when he walks in the street. I think its good to have personal privacy. If you are recognized, do not go out and go back. Fu Yuanhui sympathizes with her, and the way she speaks will be very impressive.

In fact, the most important thing for athletes is the Olympic Games. This is also the question asked by Xu Jiayu in every interview. He also hopes that everyone will not put too much pressure on him: Tokyo is the ultimate goal, but every next match should be better than before, just like Leaf (Leaf). Like Ye Shiwen, its a big story, because I havent finished it, so I still dont want to talk about it all the time. Dont ask me all the time. If you ask me, youll be embarrassed to say it.