China sky eye was traced to nearly 40 resumes after encountering talent shortage.

 China sky eye was traced to nearly 40 resumes after encountering talent shortage.

This picture is from the science network WeChat public number.

Unexpectedly, this matter soon caused a great disturbance, the network from the media have followed up, the main idea of these articles is basically to say:

Heavens Eye is located in a remote area, the work is extremely hard, the annual salary of 100,000 people also want to recruit, do not you have in mind the number of x?

Look at what kind of income level the similar work of North Canton is now. Do you not have the X number in your mind?

No money, just want to talk about feelings, do you not mind the number of X?

Since the media is fierce in the end, through this, Chinas Eye of Heaven can be said to be repeatedly rubbed on the ground.

At this moment, the scientific researchers who are working in Tian Eye should also hide in the corner of the wall and weep silently. After so many years of work and repairing such a large telescope, the salary is still so low that they can only feel like steamed bread every day.

Xiaobian quickly contacted a researcher and wanted to comfort him.

I didnt expect him to do that.

There is not much income, but I think its OK. To do this business is to be comfortable and have a good job.

Are you brainwashed by something like this?

Xiaobian thought that this scientific researcher was just an example. After all, after this wave of hanging, Tian Eye did not want to recruit new people.

Unexpectedly, the little brother scratched his head and said,

I dont know why we received nearly 40 resumes in these two days.

Did I hear it wrong?

Xiao Bian expressed his unbelief on the spot. Little brother did not refute and silently sent several screenshots.

On the Internet, we saw the news saying that the eye of heaven was missing.

I have expressed my interest in Astronomy:

I want to contribute to my hometown.


This can be quite touching. If the country needs me, it must be answered.

This also reminds Xiaobian of a friend of his own.

This friend is a code farmer, one day, he sent a small program, called Xiaobian help trial.

Editor: what are you going to do?

Manon: At the weekend, the company will hold a hacker marathon. We need to organize a small program with other teams, PK.

Editor: weekend? Do you pay overtime?

Code farmer: no!

Xiaobian: Oh, isnt that miserable? I have to work on weekends, and I havent worked overtime yet.

Manon: Its not overtime, its a hacker marathon! You can do nothing for two days and nights in a row, light programming! Do you think our idea is cool?

Later, blahblahblah said a bunch of technical aspects, which were automatically ignored by the editor.

This story wants to tell you that the ingenious brain circuit of technology house is not something that we can easily guess.

Seeing them working overtime for two consecutive days and nights is neither for money nor for pressure from the boss. You started, and finally you can only explain it with emotion?

But in Xiaobians opinion, it is more of a challenge and curiosity than feelings.

Take those above who take the risk of the worlds greatest, would rather receive 100,000 yearly salary to work in the Eye of Heaven for example, to guard a large telescope with a caliber of 500 meters, but also to find things in the universe that humans have never seen, for them, this may be a super cool thing.

Thats all. Thats all.