2018 Xichang Qiong Hai Wetland International Marathon concluded successfully.

 2018 Xichang Qiong Hai Wetland International Marathon concluded successfully.

At 7:30 a.m. Beijing time on November 3, the 2018 Qionghai Wetland International Marathon in Xichang, Sichuan Province, started with a gunshot. This event is sponsored by China Track and Field Association, Sichuan Sports Bureau and Liangshan Peoples Government. Sichuan Track and Field Association, Liangshan Sports Bureau and Xichang Peoples Government are responsible for this event. Sichuan Siboshan Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Xichang Qionghai Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Zhimei Sports Event Operation Management (Zhejiang) Co Ltd.

Finally, Andualem Belay Shiferaw from Ethiopia won the mens Marathon Championship in 2 hours, 14 minutes and 44 seconds, while the womens Championship belonged to Ethiopia. Chaltu Bedo Negashu finished in 2 hours, 36 minutes and 40 seconds. In the half marathon, Chinese athletes won the mens and womens marathons. A military title.

Amazing five years - West horses most beautiful track upgrade national card

As a newly turned 5-year-old event, Xichang Qionghai Wetland International Marathon has won the gold medal of China Athletics Association for two consecutive years. As the leader of Sichuan Marathon, it is the most professional international marathon event in Sichuan Province and the first full marathon in 30 minority autonomous prefectures in China. The national characteristics, beautiful natural environment and geographical advantages, and perfect tournament service enjoy a good reputation.

This year, Xima, who is celebrating her fifth birthday, joined the national IP series Running China Charming China for the first time. Xima, which has been upgraded to a national business card, will do better in all aspects of track design and service arrangement. Because of its geographical location, Xichang is known as a city inhabited in spring. The natural and cultural attractions such as Qionghai, Lushan, Lingshan Temple and Lugu Lake in and around Xichang have attracted the attention and love of the whole country and even the whole world.

Looking back on the past five years, Xima has achieved a leap from the bronze, silver and gold medals events of the Chinese Track and Field Association in the past three years, which has also created the greatest leap in the history of Chinas marathon. There is no doubt that Xima in the fifth year also won the praise of runners after the race. In interviews with the media, runners from all over the world praised the service and guarantee of the race in all aspects. Running so many marathons, participating in this years Xima really made me feel every breath of the city in the competition. I was deeply impressed by the natural landscape and folk customs, which shows the intentions of the local government and the Organizing Committee for this event. The runner from Beijing told reporters this.

Comprehensive upgrading -- impacting the IAAF copper standard competition

Considering the requirements of runners in the design of Ximas half marathon route this year, the proportion of the track in Qionghai Wetland Park has been specially increased, and a rest station has been added so that runners can enjoy and record the infinite beauty of Xichang in the course of the race. In addition, the service of runners has been upgraded in an all-round way. On the one hand, it is a supplement to the race. In terms of cultural construction, the organizing committee has carried out a number of activities to transmit the cultural connotations of Xima and Xichang, which are nurtured by fertile soil, to more corners of the world.

According to the statistics of Xima Organizing Committee, this years event attracted 25,000 runners from 27 countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, France, India, Russia, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, and 32 provincial districts, including 10,000 full and half marathons and mini-marathons. There were 15000 pine and 14581 non Liangshan athletes. At present, many domestic marathon events exclude half marathon and mini marathon from the event itself, Xima still insists on advocating the concept of national fitness, and strives to promote the national fitness boom in Xichang City, even in Sichuan Province and the whole country by holding events in which runners at all stages can participate.

In addition to attracting runners from all over the world to compete, the success of this years competition will naturally depend on the strong assistance of many volunteers, security personnel, medical staff, municipal staff and all Xichang citizens. It is precisely because of your full commitment that Xima will have the opportunity to impact the IAAF copper this year. Mark events.

Running beautiful Xichang, pursuing colorful Liangshan! The successful conclusion of the 2018 Qionghai Wetland International Marathon in Xichang is just another new starting point. Standing on the brilliant achievements in the past, Xima is still moving forward, striving to bring more exciting moments for runners and make more people feel the unique charm of Xichang. Simma, meet again next year!

Source: NetEase running editor: Yang Shuo _NS4396