US media: Australia will rebuild a US military base in the South Pacific.

 US media: Australia will rebuild a US military base in the South Pacific.

Reference News Network reported on Nov. 3 that Australia will rebuild a naval base in the South Pacific that the US military used in World War II at a time when Chinas regional influence is increasingly evident.

Australia and Papua New Guinea agreed on November 1 to upgrade the Longbroom Naval Base on Manus Island, according to the Wall Street Journal website on November 1. The move could give U.S. and Australian forces more access to a port in the South Pacific and to disputed waters in the South China Sea from the south.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: I want to strengthen our contacts with the Pacific Ocean. This is for the Pacific Ocean, because this is our home. His speech came at a time when U.S. Navy Secretary of Operations John Richardson was visiting to discuss strategic competition in the region.

In an era of change, uncertainty and strategic competition, Australia needs to act with greater goals and convictions, Morrison said.

It is reported that the base of Manus Island was built by the US Army in 1944 to recapture the Pacific Ocean from the Japanese and to support the US action to liberate the Philippines. The U.S. military built a 9,000-foot (2.8-kilometer) runway and dock on the island and later used the base to try Japanese war criminals.

Richardson said Australias proposal to jointly rebuild the port was a good opportunity and said that from the perspective of the U.S. Navy, we look forward to finding opportunities that we can support.

Reported that in recent years, Papua New Guinea has increasingly sought development assistance and loans from China to cope with the budget crisis and economic slowdown.

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