The most beautiful spider essence Yammie Nam was rarely interviewed during his lifetime.

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 The most beautiful spider essence Yammie Nam was rarely interviewed during his lifetime.

Reported that early in the morning, the police received a report from a 54-year-old woman surnamed Lei that her girlfriend did not open the door late, and she immediately called the police for help. The fire broke through the door and found it lying on the ground. It was proved dead after examination. Initial investigation believed that the incident was not suspicious, the cause of death was to be determined after autopsy, and the blue body was transferred to the mortuary by black truck.

The Stanley district police station in Hongkong confirmed the news to the pear video. At present, Yammie Nams residence has been taped up by police.

Zhou Xingchis film A Journey to the West is one of Lan Jieyings representative works. Her role as Spider Jingchun Thirty Niang is extremely beautiful. Peach blossoms pass by without leaving a single armor behind, which makes her reach the peak of her performing career.

Yammie Nam has the reputation of beautiful Mount Wutai.

Yammie Nam was born in Hongkong in April 27, 1963. It was TVB, who was in charge of Hua Dan in 80s. He has appeared in the TV B Qingju opera The Great Age and Zhou Xingchis movie A Journey to the West, and has the reputation of Beautiful Wutaishan.

After graduating from Gezhi College in 1983, Lan Jieying took part in the Twelfth Training Course for Radio and Television Artists. In the same period, Liu Jialing, Wu Junru, Liu Qingyun, Zeng Huaqian and so on. After graduation, she won the praise of wireless. She first hosted K-100 and 430 Shuttle Machine and then acted as the leading actress in many wireless series.

Yammie Nam played the role of Mei Fenfang in ungrateful.

In late 1986, Lan Jieying was late for an episode, so the wireless executives hid her for the second time and stopped working for her. In early 1987, after the contract expired, Yammie Nam left the nest wireless. In 1988, Yammie Nam returned to the radio and performed many excellent dramas. Among them, in the heavy play Yi Bu Qing, a special performance of Mei fang fang made her play the role of acting.

Big time stills, from Damian Lau micro-blog

Grand era stills

Ling Jie in the big time is Yammie Nams favorite character.

Yammie Nam has taken many TVB TV dramas.

Lan Jieying and Anita Mui, Jialing Liu, Tseng Huaqian, Sodium Shangshan Poetry, Wu Junru, Luo Meiwei, Qiu Shuzhen and Zhang Manyu were jokingly called Jiulongnu by Huang Zhan.

In the 1990s, Lan Jieying had a good relationship with Anita Mui, Jialing Liu, Zeng Huaqian, Sodium Shangshan Poetry, Wu Junru, Luo Meiwei, Qiu Shuzhen and Zhang Manyu, and was nicknamed Kowloon Girl by Huang Zhan.

In 1995, Lan Jieying performed Zhou Xingchis film Journey to the West in Hong Kong, playing the role of Spider Spider Spider Spirit in the film. This is also a masterpiece of the blue film. After the film was released, Yammie Nam gradually faded out of the entertainment industry. For the next few years, the main focus of life was to read Dharma.

Yammie Nam has been troubled by mental problems since he left the entertainment industry.

In September 1998, Lan Jieying was sent to the Eastern District Hospital for treatment after he rolled over in a driving accident on Shallow Water Bay Road, Hong Kong. His hand was injured and his neck was shocked. Over the next ten years, Yammie Nam ceased to be mentally disturbed and relapse. After a long period of lack of work, Yammie Nam filed for bankruptcy in 2005.

Rarely seen before birth

Frankly speaking on CSSA and borrowing money

When interviewed by nowTV television in 2015, he was radiant.

Lan Jieying, who has been harassed by the paparazzi for many years, received a rare interview with Hong Kong Now Broadband Television in May 2015. His ideas are clear, his face is radiant and there is no abnormality in the program.

She said frankly that she had not seen her family for a long time, and that she usually lived on CSSA and borrowed money. Speaking of comeback, she said she would like to return, hoping to be an actress. The program also talks about frustrations.

(the following is an excerpt from the program interview. The text comes from Hong Kong media).

Love in big time

Host: How did you think of going to the wireless training class?

Yammie Nam: Yang Ling and I are well acquainted, a cousin of a friend. At that time, she asked me to accompany her to the training class, handed in the application form, and she did not go temporarily. I told her that you didnt go and I went there myself, so I took part in it.

Compere: what role do you like best in that series?

Yammie Nam: its still a big time. The play is good, and the directors and actors are very good. At first, I thought it was not difficult to play the role of a student sister, but I didnt pay enough attention to it. After watching the playback, I found that it was very difficult to grasp the role, no matter the lighting, the shape or the performance of myself. Wei Jiahuis production made me retake it. Fortunately, I found the feeling very quickly and smoothly.

Moderator: public opinion poll most wants to see your heroes of the world. Do you like it or not?

Yammie Nam: I certainly dont like it. That role is terrible.

Comeback or actor?

Host: someone wants to see you back and help you avoid the media. Do you want to comeback?

Yammie Nam: of course. Why not?

Host: what kind of work do you want to do?

Yammie Nam: its still an actor. Its hard for me to write. I will not carry the camera.

Compere: you had a title in those days, and beautiful Mount Wutai. (There were Hong Kong Radio, Commercial Radio, Asian Television, Radio Television and Jiayi Television on the broadcasting channel in Hong Kong, so the street was named Wutai Mountain, while Lan Jieying was recognized as the most beautiful female artist of all TV stations, so she was called Beautiful Wutai Mountain!

Yammie Nam (rushing to say): this title is not good, pretty is pretty, why should we say absolutely? Im not pretty. I think Rosamund Kwan and Michele Lee are pretty.

I havent seen my sister in two years.

Moderator: from 1986 to 1989, you were dating Paul?

Lan Jieying: No, Ive met him several times. Hes a friend of my girlfriend. Im not familiar with Paul Zhong.

Host: would you miss him before his boyfriend left?

Yammie Nam: hes a gentleman. Hes a good boyfriend.

Host: after that, you have been photographed with rich businessman son?

Yammie Nam: he himself is also a wealthy businessman.

Host: will he miss him?

Lan Jieying (Laughter): Hes married. Sometimes I miss him. I want to find him and ask him if there will be any discount for his company.

Host: is there any family member who shares your opinion?

Yammie Nam: I call my sister all day, but I often call the tape. My sister and I are very close.

Host: when was the last time you saw your sister?

Lan Jieying: For a long time, more than two years. Last time I was in hospital, my sister came to visit me and bought me something to eat.

Host: do you want to talk to her?

Yammie Nam (eyes longing): think.

Health is most important.

After 2004, Yammie Nam almost never took any film and television works, and thus broke his livelihood. She allegedly lived on the dole, which she did not deny, and disclosed that she was being helped regularly and that life was going on. Yammie Nam said he would go to church to talk with his friends, and he had good relationships with the neighborhood.

Host: do you have friends around you?

Yammie Nam: Yes, but not much. I used to be familiar with Maggie (Maggie Cheung), Sandra Ng and Yang Ling, but now I have no contact.

Host: what do you do with your life?

Yammie Nam: with the aid money, there is a mainland movie fan who will lend me money and give me thousands of pieces a month.

Host: what can we do for you besides listening?

Lan Jieying (silence, then laughing): I dont know. If there are good songs, just record them for me and show me good movies.

Moderator: the audience wants you to be happy.

Lan Jieying: The most important thing is health, not just happiness, health can make people feel good peace and tranquility, is a kind of inner joy, which is more important than happiness.

Stars send messages to mourn

Now the news comes to death, and fans will send their mourning.

Yammie Nam fans micro-blog screenshots.

Fans will reveal that she has been walking peacefully, and the police have not contacted her sister for the time being.

After being informed of the death, Law Ka Ying sent a message to mourn: in November 3rd, it was heard that Yammie Nam had left. I have cooperated with him in two plays, big talk travel west, unfortunately there is no rival, the other is the first experience of AIDS, we have many plays, but usually no contact, just once in the street night met her, she said that there are often things around her to harass her, a bit of strange energy and confusion! uuuuuuuuuu If you go all the way, you will have no difficulty in going to the pure land of Buddhism.

Ruan Zhaoxiang, an actor in Hongkong, also sent a message to mourning: is beauty all thin? She used to be (beautiful Wutaishan), today she left alone... After receiving the news, her mood is very complex, the rest are helpless, unfortunate. Sincerely wish you to go to another country, can find lost happiness and happiness. P.S: Yammie Nam is always considered the most beautiful in legend.

I wish I could go all the way.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily editor in charge: Yang Yi _NBJ10647