Trump, a former lawyer, broke the news again: he always said at least 4 times against black talk.

 Trump, a former lawyer, broke the news again: he always said at least 4 times against black talk.

Michael Cohen, a former private lawyer for Trump, revealed that he had used racist statements in several private conversations with him.

CNN reported Tuesday that Vanity Fair published an interview with Cohen on Friday, in which Cohen said Trump had spoken to him four times about blacks.

For the first time

Cohen told Vanity Fair that Trump scorned African-American voters when they were discussing voter turnout at the 2016 election rally.

I told Trump that the rally was toovanillawhite. Trump responded, thats because the black people are too stupid to vote for me.

The second time

When Nelson Mandela, the former leader of South Africa, died, Trump commented, Tell me about a country where blacks rule and are not so jerks, Cohen said, adding, A city like this is OK.

Third time

At the end of 2000, when Trump went to Chicago, we set off from the airport, went to the hotel, and drove through a more humble-looking community, Cohen said. Trump told me that only black people could live like this.

Fourth times

Cohen also said Trump had revealed to himself that there was no way to make an African-American player in the first season of Apprentice a reality show champion. (Note: Apprentice premiered in January 2004. It was co-produced by Mark Bernett Studios and Trump Studios. Trump was the moderator. )

Vanity Fair said Cohen regretted that Trump had not resigned from his work in the Trump camp after talking about racist speech many times. I should have left.

For Cohens remarks, CNN confirmed from a source close to Cohen: Vanity Fairs reports and quotations are accurate.

How did the White House react?

The White House did not respond to requests for comment from vanity fair. CNN also contacted the White House for comment (but no response).

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