Police dog theft police have withdrawn the parties: will also help stray cats and dogs.

 Police dog theft police have withdrawn the parties: will also help stray cats and dogs.

The picture shows dog three beside the garbage bin.

At 23 oclock on November 2, Ms. Ying, who was accused of theft, told reporters that at present, Jindong Branch of Jinhua Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province has made a decision to withdraw the case and cancelled the bail pending trial.

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Recently, Ms. Ying of Jinhua, Zhejiang, wrote on her microblog that her husband and wife had been convicted of stealing state property because they found a dog by the roadside and sought legal help.

Ying told reporters that at about 7 p.m. on June 29 this year, she went out for a walk with her husband after dinner. She saw a dog digging garbage beside a row of trash cans in Jinhua Zhenghe Street. It was very thin, with a limp forefoot and was easy to get close to people. I saw it very pitifully, because I often help small animals, so I took them home.

When the weather was hot, I was afraid that the dog would die of thirst. I waved to him a dozen meters away. After he rushed over, I took the dirty, thin dog home as a stray dog. I used to rescue small animals, because I had the experience of finding a dog and not being accepted. This time, I did not take it seriously and did not report the case. After taking home, he did not find any information about his original owner. In particular, there is no information about the collar of a dogs neck. It happened that in those days, my husband took some sculpture work, and the search for the dogs owner was temporarily delayed. Unexpectedly, a few days later, the police station of the district police station found the door. Ms. Ying told reporters.

Ms. Ying said, unexpectedly, a couple of days later, two couples were suspected of theft and were investigated by the police station. People warned her that the dog was the third-in-law of the police dog, worth 15,000 yuan, and that the couples actions were theft.

After many trials and transcripts, the woman and her husband paid the deposit for the bail pending trial. However, on the way home, they saw that the police dog named old three was turning rubbish.

In October 30th, the Jinhua Municipal Public Security Bureau informed the progress of the case. Because the relevant personnel of Duohu Police Station did not fulfill their management responsibilities for the scattered dogs and violated the relevant provisions of the Code of Operations for the Raising and Management of Police Dogs, Jindong Public Security Bureau decided to stop the execution of their duties and dismiss the police dog administrator.

Conversation parties: the family felt relieved and finally made sure that it was clear.

Legal Evening News. Opinion news: when did you receive the notice of withdrawal?

Ms. Ying: The withdrawal notice was received around 10 p.m. on November 2nd. It was notified by Jindong Branch that we had taken it in the past.

Legal Evening News. Opinion news: whats the mood when you see the notice of withdrawal?

Mrs. Ying: its hard to describe it. It can be said that it is both happy and sad.

Legal Evening News. Opinion news: what is the reaction of family members?

Mrs. Ying: the family feels relieved. At last, it has cleared up the matter.

Legal Evening News, opinion news: will it be more like a wandering cat and dog after that?

Ms. Ying: I will still rescue them. Actually, after being bailed out for trial, I have rescued stray animals. There is no reason to do what I want to do in my heart. It has nothing to do with what other people think of me.

Legal Evening News. Opinion news: what are your plans for the future?

Ms. Ying: In the future, I will slowly get out of the impact of this event and continue to work hard on the unfinished dream after a distraction.