Anger! Again, the woman grabbed the bus steering wheel and sat on the drivers body.

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 Anger! Again, the woman grabbed the bus steering wheel and sat on the drivers body.

According to police, on October 14, around 5 p.m., Zhu, a woman, boarded a bus at the bus stop of Dingmao Yiwu Commodity City in Zhenjiang New District. She hoped that the bus driver (woman) would help her bring a pile of things to Yaoqiao Town for her family, which was refused by the driver. Zhu immediately asked other passengers for help on the bus. Finally, an uncle Zhang promised to help her bring things to the station. At this time, the bus had been parked for several minutes, followed by a bus honking to urge the bus to leave, and the driver immediately started the bus.

Zhu Mou saw that the driver deliberately embarrassed himself, she suddenly ran forward to kick the door, and even grabbed the steering wheel with the driver, sitting on the driver to pull. For the sake of safety, the driver can only stop the alarm.

Zhus series of actions caused strong dissatisfaction among the passengers. I was kind enough to help her with things, but I didnt expect to be unreasonable. Uncle Zhang who promised to take something with Zhu was not accustomed to Zhus behavior. He threw things back to Zhu.

Faced with the accusation of passengers, Zhu did not have half silk regrets. Later, the new district police arrived at the scene, where passengers demanded testimony to punish Zhu.

Police said that after the incident, Zhu was detained by the police on suspicion of endangering public safety by other dangerous methods. Eventually, Zhu realized his mistakes and left tears of regret.

Man forced to rob a bus steering wheel was kicked by another passenger.

On the morning of October 29, when a 678 bus pulled out of the bus stop, passenger Deng Mou (57 years old, from our city) said he had passed the bus stop and asked the driver to stop. However, because the vehicle had already left the platform, the driver refused to meet Dengs request according to the regulations. Unexpectedly, Deng suddenly smashed the driver with a suitcase of milk, causing the vehicle to deviate from the normal direction when the driver dodged. The drivers emergency braking failed to avoid rubbing with a normal car on the left lane.