Taking a false identity card for a leader and taking a diploma for a leader.

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 Taking a false identity card for a leader and taking a diploma for a leader.

About two top students, using the time difference.

Help rich students

Transnational implementation of the crime of cheating in examinations!

In October of the same year, a similar plot was also staged in Liuhe District of Nanjing.

In a college entrance examination room for adults, a man used a false ID card to take the entrance examination for the president of an enterprise. However, his behavior did not escape the invigilators golden eyes.

Talented gunmen suffered Waterloo in Liuhe district.

They are all examinees. How can he not match them?

On the morning of October 28, Nanjing Liuhe District No. 1 School, as the examination venue of Jiangsu Adult College Entrance Examination, was immersed in a tense examination atmosphere.

At the beginning of the exam, the invigilator took the photo of the handbook one by one to correspond to the candidates in the examination room, and found that the candidate Li Jie (pseudonym) was not at all like the photo of the examination notice, but because the photo of the examination notice was electronic, it may not be very clear, invigilator in order not to affect other candidates, everything went as usual.

In front of the police, Li Jie hesitated and talked about his age. Whether he was 39 or 43, he finally admitted that he was taking the exam instead of others.

The cause is to please the leader!

Li Jie is just a gunner.

In March last year, Chen Ming (pseudonym) enrolled in a training course for an upgraded college. After the training, he could directly enter a university in Jiangsu Province without taking an exam. After graduation, he could obtain an undergraduate diploma.

Later, Chen Ming told the news to Wang Ling, the office director (a pseudonym).

Chen Ming: Director, I signed up for a training course, and without graduation, I could get a college diploma.

Wang Ling: thats great! Just now the general manager also wants to take an undergraduate diploma, I also help him to report one, it also seems that we are particularly capable!

So Chen Ming handled the registration procedure for Sun. Wang Ling was responsible for signing the registration agreement. After everything was done, she told the leader and let him wait for the admission notice.

Who knows the plan will not catch up with the change! A few months later, the policy changed and we must take part in the national unified enrollment examination.

Three people were prosecuted by the procuratorial organ and tried through the Liuhe court.

Finally, the defendants, Li Jie and Chen Ming, were sentenced to RMB 6000 for the crime of substituting for the examination, while the defendants, Wang Ling, were sentenced to RMB 5000 for the crime of substituting for the examination.

Minor argument

The 284th new provisions of the criminal law amendment (nine):

According to this provision, whether the so-called gunmans substitution act or the act that the examinee should have allowed others to substitute for the examination, all belong to the crime of substitution examination punished by the Criminal Law of our country.

Friendly Reminder

Exam, or do it yourself!

Never be lucky.

Make fun of your future!

Hunan two higher vocational colleges severely punish mixed scholars: higher vocational colleges do not pay money to issue diplomas.

5 teachers who did not carry paper teaching cases were publicly treated according to general teaching accidents. On the afternoon of October 19, the reporter learned from Hunan Environmental Biology Vocational and Technical College that, following the strict style of study and the one-time withdrawal of 22 unqualified students from the make-up exam, the news of the strict assessment of teachersteaching once again brushed the screen in Hunans educational circles.