Men drink and provoke the lion. Each lion touches its back and is bitten by its arm.

 Men drink and provoke the lion. Each lion touches its back and is bitten by its arm.

How daring! After drinking, the man provoked the lion to reach out and touch the lions back and arm. Several blood holes were bitten out. (Source: ~)

According to the Daily Mail of October 2, a man provoked a lion after drinking at a zoo in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He reached across the fence and touched the lions back. The lion bit his arm and left several blood holes.

On the day of the incident, the man, drunk and drunk, and several friends, avoided the sight of the zoo staff and sneaked into the lion park. Seeing a lion lying on a stone not far away, the man reached into the iron fence and waved to the lion. The lion did not answer at first, but the man could not stop to beckon, so he stood up and walked towards him. At this time, a woman watching outside the Lion Garden reminded the man that the lion was approaching and said the man was mad.

The man saw the lion come up and quickly drew back his hand. His friends looked at him and laughed at him. The man seemed to feel embarrassed, so he put his hand in to feel the lions back. The lion that had already left suddenly turned back and seized the mans arm. There was a cry of alarm around. At this point, the video is interrupted. The next video shows a man in a car heading to the hospital with his bitten arm on an open window with several blood holes on it. Witnesses said that the man drank a lot of wine before, and he and several friends stole into the lion park.

Billionaires raise lion tigers when pets are scolded by scolding pets.

Erick Noe Romero Meraz, a 41-year-old Mexican billionaire, was attacked by a Bangladeshi tiger and two white lionesses while hosting a party at his luxurious home, the Daily Star of Britain reported.