For the first time in 4 years, Russia has announced hundreds of sanctions against hundreds of individuals and entities in Ukraine.

 For the first time in 4 years, Russia has announced hundreds of sanctions against hundreds of individuals and entities in Ukraine.

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an executive order sanctioning 322 individuals and 68 entities in Ukraine.

The sanctions list includes Ukrainian Interior Minister Alson Awakov, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, National Security Director Vasili Herichak and Attorney General Yuri Lucenko, and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, a popular candidate for next years presidential election.

List enterprises involve agriculture, food processing, finance, mining and other fields.

According to the executive decree, these entities and individuals take unfriendly actions against Russian citizens and entities; their assets in Russia will be frozen and will not be returned.


Relations between Russia and Ukraine continued to be tense as Crimea seceded from Ukraine by referendum in 2014, joined Russia and the Ukrainian conflict. Deutsch news agency reported that this is the first time Russia has sanctioned the Ukrainian side in 4 years.

Russia said that the latest sanctions are revenge for Ukrainian similar measures.

Russian media reported that since 2014, Ukraine has adopted a number of decrees to sanction Russian individuals and entities. A total of 1228 Russian citizens and 468 corporate persons have been sanctioned by Ukraine, including Russian officials, entrepreneurs, enterprises, media and political parties.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at a regular press conference that the Kremlin was willing to start lifting sanctions if it saw the political will of the Ukrainian government to improve relations between the two countries, but we do not see that now.


Some politicians in Ukraine chose to ignore Russian sanctions. Ms. Tymoshenko left a message in the social media Facebook that she was not at all worried about being sanctioned because she had no business in Russia.

Ukrainian political analyst Vladimir Fishenko said in social media that some people on the list are proud of the Russian sanctions list and what matters is not who is on the list, but who is not on the list... For some people, sanctions can actually help during the election campaign.

Ukrainian President Petro Poloshenko responded late on the 1st that the Russian sanctions were not unexpected and that Russian troops and weapons should leave Ukraine, not be prestigious.

Poloshenkos statement is similar to that of Feschchenko: In Ukraine, being sanctioned by Russia is a national award, at least as people think. Those who have not been included in the sanctions list are particularly angry.

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The Ukrainian side has always identified Russias involvement in the situation in eastern Ukraine, which Russia denied. The eastern part of the country is now controlled by the rebels. Eastern Donetsk and Luhansk state held a referendum in 2014, announcing the establishment of a sovereign state. The central government of Ukraine said it would not recognize the local elections scheduled for 11 days this month.

Eight European countries, including France, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden, called on Russia to intervene in October to prevent the upcoming local elections.

Russian Vice Foreign Minister Grigori Karasin responded on the 1st that Ukraines local elections are not within the jurisdiction of eight European countries, and that we are not a party to the conflict We are talking about matters within the territory of Ukraine, where local elections are to be held to form local governments. This is the main goal.

Russia announced sanctions against 322 Ukrainians: including Ukraines presidents son.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a government order Thursday to impose sanctions on 322 Ukrainians and 68 enterprises, according to the Russian Government Information Office, Reuters and Russian Satellite Network.

Sanctions against Ukraine include freezing Ukraines cash, securities and property in Russia and prohibiting capital withdrawal from Russia.