Zhejiang runs at the top of the office.

 Zhejiang runs at the top of the office.

After the release of this post, the forwarding volume was quickly broken. Who expected that the style of the comment area was quite different from what he expected.

Netizens did not follow Tucao, but couldnt wait to get out of Science: this organization has been a national model for streamlining the flow of government organs and allowing the public to really enjoy the convenience.

Some netizens said that this is not the so-called wonderful work department, good governance!

The troops followed closely, and proved by their own experience that this place was really good.

Identity cards:

Medical insurance:

Property transfer:

For children to do social security and passports:

And in rural areas:

The posted netizens immediately understood the situation. However, he still has some doubts. Even though the run at most once reform has greatly improved the efficiency of the work, is it not funny to name it as a power department?

More people: No, they are more grounded.

After all, the name is harmless, efficiency is real gold and silver. Should it be called Zhejiang Administrative Affairs System Integration and User Experience Optimized Design Office?

At this point, some people may ask, what is the most important thing to do?

In fact, this reform has been for some years. According to public data, the so-called small goal of running at most once refers to that the masses and enterprises go to the government to handle a matter. When the application materials are complete and meet the legal acceptance conditions, from accepting the application to forming the processing results, the whole process only needs one or zero door-to-door visits.

This idea first appeared at the Economic Work Conference of Zhejiang Provincial Committee in December 2016, and then became the first of 115 key tasks in Zhejiang Decomposition of Responsibility for Key Work in the Government Work Report 2017.

Of course, the process of practice is often not so smooth. Many citizens have questioned on the Internet one after another. They still need to run two or three times when they do business. Its not run at most once.

For example, it is clear that it can be delivered by express delivery, but some people voluntarily come to the door to pick up pieces for more comfort, so they do not run more than once.

Door-to-door consultation before going to work is no more than a run.

If the material is not complete, it is necessary to start from the filling material to see if it will run at most.

Those who fail to comply with the conditions of the handling and receive negative results will be counted once.

The acceptance of deficiencies means that the government departments should accept and handle the matters with deficiencies in minor conditions or formalities, and then issue the results after the completion of the materials. But if you pay by Internet or express, you wont have to run more.

Nowadays, the service target of running at most once has been implemented in many provinces in China, among which there are many innovators.

Guangdong tax bureau responsible person once said, this will greatly save taxpayers time cost.

As for the mood of the citizens who benefit from it, perhaps we can refer to this netizen:

Government staff suspected to play cell phones and reprimand the elderly.

On the evening of October 17, a netizen sent a message that a staff member of the Dafang County Government Service Center in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, suspected of playing with mobile phones while receiving the elderly, was pointed out and shouted at the elderly. 18 morning, reporters learned from the Propaganda Department of the Dafang County Party committee, the relevant local authorities have been involved in the investigation. The Propaganda Ministry of Dafang County Party Committee announced this evening that Zhang Yiliu, a party member concerned, was given a years inspection and a government downgraded punishment, and the personnel department was charged with removing Zhang Yi from window service posts and adjusting him to other posts in villages and towns.