Cappella 22+13+5 is not afraid of cutting 10 penalty 6 to 500 thousand bonus.

 Cappella 22+13+5 is not afraid of cutting 10 penalty 6 to 500 thousand bonus.

The Rockets urgently need to get rid of the losing streak. At the beginning of the game, because of Pauls outbreak, Capella also became a beneficiary. He finished dunking at the beginning. The first three shots were waiting for Pauls passing in the basket, and scored very easily.

In the second quarter, after his return, he continued to connect with Paul and Gordon, maintaining the advantage of scoring in the Rockets restricted area. However, the firepower of the nets on the outside line is also very strong, and the Rockets are still unable to pull the score. At the beginning of the third quarter, Capella was also very active. Once he catches the ball under the basket, it is very difficult to be stopped. In 7 minutes and 01 seconds, he picks up the score after receiving Pauls pass and causes Allen to foul.

Cappella was cut off for the first time and all two were thrown away. But then he was chopped two times, and he succeeded in 4 penalty 3, so that the Rockets scored 7 points.

Capella renewed his contract with the Rockets this summer with a reward clause of tens of millions of dollars in the big contract, including keeping a free throw shooting rate of more than 65% and getting $500,000, which Capella vowed to get.

But the tragedy is that in the first 6 games of the season, 16 of his free throws were 6, and the hit rate was less than 40%. Today, he got 10 free throws altogether, and scored 6 goals, which is already a good level.

At the end of the game, the Rockets did not let Capella hold the ball. Anthony, Gordon and Tucker took turns on the free throw line and won the final victory.