When a woman finds a waiter to steal food before serving?

 When a woman finds a waiter to steal food before serving?

The waiter steals the dishes ordered by the guests? Restaurant response: Director of cuisine is preparing dishes (source: ~)

On the evening of October 30, Ms. Luo and her friends came to a large restaurant near the Changhu Road Express Ring for dinner. They were in a good mood. However, Ms. Luo inadvertently took a look outside the box door, immediately lost her appetite and felt nauseated to the extreme. What exactly did MS Lo see?

At that time, she saw a waiter in a white shirt, picking up the dish from the plate and putting it into her mouth. After eating, the dish was also delivered to the guests table.

After Ms. Luo told her friends about this, they decided to pay the bill and walk away from eating. When checking out, Ms. Luo responded to the leader of the big stall in Suxiang, but got such a response from the other side. The restaurant manager said that it was their food director who was testing the dishes.

Tang Shifu, a cook at the Suxiang Grand Duty, told reporters that the employees she photographed that night were Rong, the director of the food department in the Grand Duty. Rong was mainly responsible for the management of the back kitchen, the taste and the color of the dishes. In order to ensure the quality of the dishes, President Rong will be responsible for the test after the kitchen cooks well. Only when the dishes are tasty, can they be served to the guests. For the dishes that are not tasty, they will be destroyed. The scene that Ms. Luo sees is that Rong is testing dishes.

Deng also said that because of todays business at other branches, Rong cant be a reporter. Regarding the situation that Rongzhongs test dish was photographed by Ms. Luo that evening, the big stall said that it would strengthen the management of the test dish and the control of the process to prevent such things from happening again.

The dishes are handled by specialists and served to the guests after they are satisfied with the taste. We are sure to welcome such serious service. But the process and details of the food trial must be well controlled. For example, the food director can use public chopsticks to clamp the dishes into his bowl and then try them with his own chopsticks. This process will not cause misunderstanding among the guests, instead of picking up the dishes from the guestsplates at will. It is hoped that the bosses of the relevant catering industry can draw attention to it and make more delicious and safe dishes for consumers.

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