Monopterus albus female anchor is still exposed after exposure.

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 Monopterus albus female anchor is still exposed after exposure.

The national anti pornography office and the Ministry of public security attached great importance to the investigation.

The Zhuji police in Zhejiang hosted the case.

In September this year, the peoples Court of Zhuji city conducted a public hearing of the case, and the case has not yet been pronounced.

Tiger live direct No. supply

Zhuji police are eyeing it.

Zhang, a 20-year-old woman from Jiangxi Province, was involved in the Eel Gate incident. Her appearance belonged to the one not selected among the crowd. However, her nickname and Eel Gate were once hot searches last year.

Zhuji police found that she had something to do with the live tiger broadcasting platform they were investigating. She was the anchor on the platform at that time.

At that time, the Zhuji police found on the Internet that someone was selling tiger membership accounts. In order to evade the attack of the public security organs, some people are interested in this business, selling a number for 30 yuan, and there are explicit obscene performances on this live broadcasting platform.

Through in-depth investigation, Zhuji police have a comprehensive understanding of tiger live broadcast.

The platform is divided into four levels: investors, operating teams, family leaders (responsible for recruiting anchors for pornographic performances) and anchors (allowing users to reward them in the form of gifts). The level is clear and the division of labor is clear.

Police said that the maintenance of the platform was in the Philippines, they used to be a live broadcasting platform related to Huang, after being attacked, moved abroad.

According to the survey, Tiger Live moved to the Philippines in February last year. After preparing to go online on March 15 last year, as of May 3, 2017, the cumulative recharge amount of the platform exceeded 7 million yuan, with more than 1.08 million registered members and more than 200 female anchors involved in the Yellow River.

Police also caught the main offenders Fang Mou, Qi Mou and so on, they are behind the platform, more than 20 female anchors and more than 10 family leaders were arrested.

To see the anchor on Internet is fast.

She began to try.

Zhang Mou used to work in Tonglu, but later changed to Taobao. His business was not very good. More than a year ago, when he saw how easy it was to be a female anchor on the Internet, he began to try.

At first, when she was doing live broadcasting on other live broadcasting platforms, that is, singing, dancing and watching people, but when it comes to fans, the amount of brushing gifts is also small, but brushing gifts is the only way for female anchors to make money.

With fans gift, they can get the Commission according to the proportion agreed with the platform.

Last March, she joined the tiger live platform.

At that time, a man surnamed Chen approached her and asked her to be the anchor. He took people to the live broadcast platform like this and called her family head.

Chen Mou, as the head of the family, has dozens of female anchors under his command. He takes them to join Tiger Live Broadcasting, and he agrees to share the proportion with the platform.


Platform and `family leaderare mutually utilizable relationships, said Ding Chao, a police officer in the public security brigade of Zhuji Public Security Bureau. According to the investigation, the live broadcasting platform will be promoted on the Internet after it is launched. Tiger live broadcasting is a new live broadcasting platform, but the operators also used to do this kind of live broadcasting platform before, and after being attacked by the police, they will start a new stage. The list of family length is also in hand. In addition, family length will actively contact the platform after seeing the promotion.

Platform and Family Leader settle accounts every day. For platform, it is more convenient for them to settle accounts with Family Leader and to manage them.

Platform, female anchor and family head are divided into three parts according to brush gifts. Generally, the platform can take 30%, the female anchor takes 60%, and the family head takes 10%.

When viewers brush gifts to female anchors, they should first spend money to buy game coins and then gifts. One yuan can buy 10 game coins. Gifts range from low to high, from cucumber to sports car. In reality, the cash needed ranges from 5 cents to 1314 yuan. It takes 1314 yuan to buy a sports car for female anchors.

Chen Mou, who brought Zhang Mou to live tiger broadcasts, is also from Jiangxi Province, but he and Zhang Mou do not know each other. Usually, he contacts business through the Internet. He also sees Zhang Mous video on the Internet, contacts actively, and develops it as his own anchor.

Monopterus albus door video

Its her attempt to earn extra money.

But Eel Gate video is not a live broadcast by Zhang Mou in the tiger, but an attempt to earn extra money.

From Zhang Mous live broadcasting in Tiger to the incident, less than two months later, he earned more than 100,000 yuan by live broadcasting on the Internet.

Among them, she earned more than 20,000 yuan on live tiger broadcasting, and the remaining 78,000 yuan was her extra fast earned in her spare time.

After being a female anchor, because of the large scale, the performance is hey, Zhang Mou has her own fan group. When she broadcasts live on the Internet, she leaves her own micro-signal and QQ number for the fans who brush gifts. Ding Chao said that their survey found that Zhang Mous QQ fan group has two or three hundred people.

Generally, only when the gift is brushed to more than 500 yuan can Zhang be entitled to receive extra care and her QQ number. Usually, Zhang Mou sends a small video to the group to maintain relations, interact with fans, fans happy, reward a red envelope, hundreds of, which is easier to make money than her female anchor.

One day in late March last year, some fans offered to let her try using eels as props. They also wrapped a red envelope for her, and Zhang pulled a small group. Every person who came to the group to watch had to pay tens of yuan for admission fees before they could see it. She also thought about putting this video on WeChat fans and making a profit.

The video was uploaded to the Internet after being recorded, causing fermentation.

After Monopterus albus door, Zhang also sent out other performances of his own fans.

In order to attract more fans

The female anchor is also under the line.

Internet female anchors earn extra money, which is equivalent to the hidden rules in the circle.

It is understood that in order to attract popularity, the network platform also advertises female anchors; and when female anchors have gained fame, it is common for them to see other new platforms increase their commissions and take their fans to transfer with them. It is also common for them to build small groups in private to earn red envelopes and reward so that they can make money faster.

For the head of the family, they usually contact their female anchors online, and transfer the money transferred from the platform to the female anchors can get a lot of money, which is also a business without capital.

Even in order to make her business more popular, it attracts fans more.

Family Leader Chen Mou has a female anchorwoman surnamed Kang, 20 years old, Anhui, who works in Suzhou. She gathers three or four female anchors on the Internet and forms a small team. After they perform online, if someone brushes a sports car gift worth 1314 yuan, they meet with each other offline. The other party called a few men, a few people together obscene performances, videos and then put on the Internet, make money...

In just two months, they made about 200000 yuan.

Live broadcast platform for Yellow River

Grey and black industry chain has already formed.

According to statistics, the number of online live broadcasting users in China reached 422 million last year. In this case, the Zhuji police investigation found that the level of registered users of tiger live broadcasting is different, and there are all kinds of age stages, while the age of female anchors engaged in obscene performances is mainly between 20 and 30 years old.

Zhejiang police have been severely cracking down on online criminal activities. At the beginning of this year, they began to organize a one-year special campaign to crack down on online order, focusing on cracking down on illegal crimes such as online dissemination of pornographic materials, online organization of pornographic performances and other online live broadcasting platforms.

According to statistics, since this year, the provincial public security organs have visited 72 webcasting platforms and interviewed 46 times, directing enterprises to deal with more than 304,900 illegal information, closing 530 live broadcasting rooms and closing more than 20,000 illegal accounts. Eight cases of Disseminating Obscene Materials were detected on the network live broadcasting platform, 236 suspects were captured and 14 obscene online broadcasting platforms were abolished.

From the point of view of the illegal and criminal situation of using the network live broadcasting platform to disseminate pornography and organize pornographic performances, there are three main characteristics: large amount and wide range, serious social harm; strong concealment, difficult supervision and crackdown; interest-driven, the gray-black industrial chain has taken shape. Relevant personages from the network security headquarters of Zhejiang Public Security Bureau said that compared with traditional stage-type obscene performances, the use of online live broadcasting platform to organize obscene performances and disseminate obscene materials is not restricted by space, and the audience is wider. Some websites even gathered a number of Huang-related live broadcasting platforms to form the so-called Huang-related direct broadcasting supermarket for supply. Watchers are free to choose, and the content is varied. The software of Huang-related live broadcasting platform usually adopts the way of sharing App and installing two-dimensional codes. It is spread and promoted in the relatively closed network space such as QQ group and Weixin group, which is not easy to be found.

At the same time, these platforms often set up the back-end website servers abroad, and change the domain name once every two months or so. The gray-black industry chain has already taken shape.

In addition to the basic operation structure composed of three levels of roles of platform operators, family leaders and network anchors, some live broadcasting platforms related to the Yellow River also make profits by placing illegal advertisements on the platforms, resulting in violations such as cyber solicitation, cyber gambling, cyber fraud, cyber theft and cyber hacker attacks. Criminal law activities.

At first, Qiqi would feel embarrassed and conflicted, but later on, thinking that only she knew about it and that her family and friends would not find it, she decided to try it first. In the months on the live platform, Qiqi did make a lot of money. According to the police, she has collected 91000 yuan from the stolen property, which can earn more than 90 thousand in just two months.