Officials failed to stay in the temple for six months in public appearance.

 Officials failed to stay in the temple for six months in public appearance.

Zhang Deming has been working in the water resources and hydropower system since he graduated from the university. He has successively served as the head of the Department of aquaculture, the director of the aquatic technology extension station, the director of the Bureau office, the assistant director of the bureau, and the deputy general manager of Linan Water Resources and Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Trapped in financial difficulties and fought for public funds.

Brain, aggressive and being a man are the comments of colleagues around Zhang Deming. In 1985, he graduated from university and was assigned to the Lingan County Water Conservancy Bureau. After second years of work, it became the middle level deputy of the unit. In 1992, Zhang Deming, who was only 28 years old, served as chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Lingan water conservancy and Hydropower Bureau. The bright future of the lucky son of heaven and the young cadres are shining brighter.

However, in 2006, Zhang Deming ushered in the turning point of life. Not only the family has changed, but also the individuals outward investment has suffered a great loss. The economy has been in some difficulties, and his thinking has begun to change.

In 2007, Zhang Deming served as the head of the aquaculture technology promotion station. His main task was to promote aquaculture technology. In order to encourage the application of new technologies, the higher authorities would provide some financial subsidies to the aquaculture farmers. According to statistics, more than 1 million of Zhang Demings 1.415 million bribes were collected in the aquatic project declaration. Once there is a project to declare, Zhang Deming will take the initiative to find aquaculture enterprises to help them declare. If the declaration is successful, ask farmers for money on the excuse of expenditure or bureau expenditure.

In fact, Zhang Deming is very authoritative in Lingan, he said. According to the case-handling personnel, with the attention of the state to the aquatic industry, the subsidies of higher authorities have gradually increased. More aquatic enterprises want to declare projects through the Aquatic Technology Extension Station of the Water Resources Bureau.

In order to get the subsidy for aquatic projects smoothly, farmers often have to tolerate that the subsidy is partitioned by Zhang Deming, and some even hope to rely on him to get more opportunities for subsidy. Zhang Deming, through this corrupt way, has tried repeatedly for more than 10 years.

Three power is in hand, black hand extends to subsidize fund repeatedly.

As usual, the amount is increasing and the number is increasing. As the number of bribes increased, Zhang Deming gradually took this as a matter of course.

In 2009, when declaring the 2008 Capital Fishery Seed and Seedling project, Zhang Deming sought benefits for Shimou Stone Frog Farm and received a benefit fee of 100,000 yuan. In 2011, Wang Deming declared the construction of a leisure fishery project with Zhang Demings help. Before declaring, Zhang Deming told Wang that after the project was subsidized, he should take a sum of money as a project expenditure. With the help of Zhang Deming, the leisure fish farm project finally received a financial subsidy of 500,000 yuan. After that, Wang Mou gave Zhang Deming 200,000 yuan in cash as project expenditure expenses. Of course, the so-called project expenditure is actually spent by Zhang Deming himself.

In fact, almost all Zhang Demings projects are wild goose. At that time, Zhang Deming also served as the head of the aquaculture business, the stationmaster of the aquaculture technology promotion station and the president of the aquaculture industry association. His voice in the field of aquaculture was almost final, and any internal supervision disappeared. All aquaculture households in Linan should have applied for a fair and just environment and received relevant government subsidies, but in fact only those aquaculture households who transported Zhang Demings interests could receive subsidies.

Linan engaged in aquaculture, the larger scale is basically in the association, so project implementation is generally generated in it. According to a colleague, Zhang Demings power was undoubtedly monopolistic at that time.

Disappointment in officialdom

In 2012, Zhang Deming thought he had a good chance of being promoted and made a new step in his career. Unexpectedly, it backfired. The unfairness of career and family gave Zhang Deming an inexplicable dependence on the nothingness religion.

Since then, his office has kept several sutras all year round; the software of Buddhist sutras is stored in his mobile phone; and there are even two Buddhist shrines in his home. Later, Zhang Deming lived in a temple for half a year, and as a great protector, he entertained monks from other places, just like a pious Buddhist, which caused extremely bad influence in the local area.

After the incident, even Zhang Deming himself felt ridiculous: The more ridiculous he thought, the more terrible he thought. As a 20-year-old party member, this kind of thing did not even feel at all.

As a Party member and cadre, Zhang Deming forgot the Party members purpose of serving the people, took power as a tool for personal gain, indifferent to the Party members ideals and beliefs, and did not believe in ghosts and gods. His outcome once again warns all Party members and cadres that lack of awe for power will lead to rampant greed and lack of awe for law and discipline, and will be severely punished.

The official is superstitious and lacks love and is in love with 2 women at the same time.

On August 23, Wang Bin, former director of the Information Office of the Banan District Committee of Chongqing, was sentenced to three yearsimprisonment and a fine of 200,000 yuan. Wang Bin pleaded guilty and repentance in court. He said he would obey the sentence and not appeal. His former colleagues, when they were listening to the court, saw Wang Bin, a lonely, decadent and weeping defendant in the dock. Comparing with his violations of discipline and law, many people who knew him found that the image of handsome, tough, benevolent, righteous and upright was just the skin of his imaginative packaging.