The man said that the Bank of Zigong will go bankrupt, causing a large number of depositors withdrawals bank to rumor.

 The man said that the Bank of Zigong will go bankrupt, causing a large number of depositors withdrawals bank to rumor.

On Nov. 2, a message was posted on a website that Zigong Bank was illegally hedged 40 billion yuan of loans with shell company by several shareholders. At present, it has been seriously overdue and in arrears of interest, resulting in huge losses. The message was reprinted to the local forum in Zigong, but it was soon deleted.

Subsequently, a large number of depositors appeared in the branches of Zigong Bank and other places, demanding to withdraw the corresponding deposits.

Announcement issued by Zigong central sub branch of the peoples Bank of China and Zigong municipal Banking Regulatory Bureau

The upstream News survey found that the website that first published the news called itself XX authoritative legal information website, but senior media sources told reporters that they had never heard of the website before. By searching this post online, the relevant pages have been deleted, but the relevant information can also be viewed on the snapshot of the network. The news refers to three shareholders of Zigong Bank taking advantage of convenience arbitrage to obtain loans from Zigong Bank. Upstream journalists found that the three companies mentioned in this article are not shareholders of Zigong Bank.

Announcement of rumor issued by Bank of Zigong

Founded in December 2001, Zigong bank Limited by Share Ltd is a local joint stock commercial bank. By the end of December 2017, the total assets were 76.071 billion yuan, the deposit balance was 43.127 billion yuan and the loan balance was 17.265 billion yuan.

At present, Zigong police are still investigating the incident further.

The government wants to send a wife to a bachelor? Two men in Guizhou are arrested for spreading rumors.

Recently, Anshun police received a report from netizens and forwarded two short videos in the circle of Wechat and friends: In the picture, two men answered the questions of the video cameramen. The cameramen asked if the two men had wives. The two men who were photographed claimed not to have wives. The cameramen told them that the government came in from Russia and Japan. A group of beautiful women were sent to those who had no daughter-in-law. The government told them to get them in time. The video was forwarded by a large number of people who did not know the truth in the Wechat group, mistaking the video shooter as a government poverty alleviation worker, which caused a great negative impact.