The United States warned Russia to be careful of Chinas plagiarism.

 The United States warned Russia to be careful of Chinas plagiarism.

According to the Russian Businessman newspaper, on October 31, Bolton, assistant national security officer of the US President, said in an open speech that China might have stolen Russian intellectual property rights and used them to make cheap weapons.

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Bolton cautioned with great seriousness that while China was cooperating with Russia militarily, it was plagiarizing Russian weapons and was planning to sell them at a low price. Russian friends should be vigilant about this! I am afraid that your advanced weapon exporting countries will not be in a position.

Regarding the US sides worrying and constantly reminding Russia to be careful in dealing with China, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Jun said: I want to remind the relevant people of the US side not to underestimate the judgment of the Russian people themselves.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang

Obviously, Russia has long been like a mirror. Russian media commented that the seemingly dangerous remarks of senior US officials were actually unpredictable.

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This old trick also failed to deceive Russian netizens. Some people commented on the Internet that Boltons speech is a conspiracy, the purpose is obviously to provoke Sino-Russian relations.

It is worth noting that in recent years, the USs tricks to provoke Sino-Russian relations have been endless and innovative. Just last month, during Boltons visit to Russia, during talks with Russian officials, he complained constantly about Chinas dissatisfaction in the political, military and economic fields, saying that Russia should pay attention to Chinas failure to comply with the Guidance Treaty.

US President Bolton, assistant National Security Affairs

For Boltons provocation, Russian officials did not follow suit, but answered clearly: Any issue involving our Chinese partners should be discussed only with Beijing by the US side.

In June this year, US Defense Secretary Matisse, when attending the international conference in Singapore, clearly declared that the common interests between Russia, the United States and China were more than those between China and Russia, and called the interests between China and Russia inherently inconsistent.

Analysts believe that in recent years, the United States and other western countries have been afraid of China and Russia approaching. In particular, we have seen the increasing and closer cooperation between the two countries in economic, security, political and international affairs. Therefore, the argument of alienating Sino Russian relations has been put forward by the United States in the near future.

Sheng Shisheng, a researcher at the World Research Center of Xinhua News Agency, believes that it is not surprising that provocation has become a common tactic in the United States. The United States would have spent some effort to pack it up before, not so deliberately. Now the tactics are obviously a lot of clumsiness, and people can see it at a glance.

Obviously, however, no matter what tactics the United States uses, Sino-Russian relations can not be broken up by a few divorce notes.

Xu Tao, a researcher at the Institute of Modern International Relations of China and an expert on Russian issues, pointed out in an interview with a reporter from Reference News Network that as a global power, both China and Russia have extensive diplomatic space of their own. Therefore, the pressure of the United States will only stimulate China and Russia to find new diplomatic space and more cooperation between the two sides.

Within China and Russia, as comprehensive strategic cooperation partners, the two countries are now cooperating closely in the fields of politics, economy, trade and security, which has laid a solid foundation for the bilateral relations, which can not be replaced by the West in any case. Therefore, it is useless for the United States to try to disintegrate the ties of close ties between China and Russia.

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Does John Bolton, the US Presidents National Security Assistant, recently have the first task of provoking Sino-Russian relations? Earlier, he complained about Chinas political and economic policies in Moscow and was directly rejected. The US media said he later went to Georgia to remind Russians to be careful of Chinese missiles.