Western media is concerned about Chinas social credit system: using technology to fight credit for citizens.

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 Western media is concerned about Chinas social credit system: using technology to fight credit for citizens.

Reference News Network reported on Nov. 3 that from last year, seven kinds of dishonesty, such as smoking on trains or smoking in non-smoking areas of other trains, holding forged or expired invalid tickets or falsely using missed tickets, will be included in personal credit records when traveling on EMUs or high-speed trains in China. . Dishonest passengers will be affected by future travel, ticket purchase and even loan applications. This is part of the social credit system established by the Chinese government.

According to the Spanish newspaper Le Mondes website on October 31, Chinas social credit system, which is already in operation, will mark every citizen according to their habits, lifestyle, frequently visited websites, online purchases and other things such as traffic violations.

Reported that this score means the status of citizens in a credit society, those with high credit have the right to enjoy preferential treatment from the government. Chinas official media have repeatedly stressed the importance of honesty and trustworthiness, dishonesty and dishonesty.

Citizens with low scores, i.e. those who break their promise, will face a series of punishments, such as being unable to get certain jobs, prohibiting the purchase of trains or air tickets, being refused access to high-end hotels, etc. Even their children will be affected and unable to attend good schools. In addition, those who are dishonest will be included in the blacklist of social credit.

Reported that this series of measures is not on paper, according to statistics, since the establishment of the system has a total of 12 million people were restricted to buy air tickets and train tickets because of dishonesty.

According to the Outline of Social Credit System Construction Planning (2014-2020), issued by the State Council in 2014, speeding up the construction of social credit system is an important basis for implementing the scientific concept of development in an all-round way and building a harmonious socialist society. It is also an important hand for improving the socialist market economic system, strengthening and innovating social governance. Duan is of great significance to enhance the honesty consciousness of social members, to create a good credit environment, to enhance the overall competitiveness of the country, and to promote social development and civilized progress.

The establishment and improvement of Chinas social credit system largely depends on the integration of many technologies, such as big data, face recognition and Internet monitoring. In addition, about 600000 AI cameras also work.

According to the report, most of the data from each citizens credit score source in the social credit system comes from his Internet browsing history, and also takes into account some economic factors, including the progress of credit card repayment, and administrative penalties for uncivilized behavior.

In scoring the credit value of each citizen, the system also considers moral factors, which are more random. Some behaviors, such as addiction to online games and publishing false news, may also have a negative impact on citizensscores, including the decline in the quality of Internet connections.

The report also said that those with lower credit scores will not only be punished themselves, but may also affect the people around their social environment, even if their credit scores are not low. For example, a young man was disqualified from a well-known university because his fathers social credit rating was low.

The Outline of Social Credit System Construction Planning (2014-2020) also emphasizes that we should give full play to the propaganda and guidance role of TV, radio, newspaper, network and other media so as to make honesty and trustworthiness become the conscious pursuit of the whole society.

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