One month depends entirely on fruit for dinner. The 21 year old boy was sent to ICU.

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 One month depends entirely on fruit for dinner. The 21 year old boy was sent to ICU.

These are fruits that everyone likes to eat and eat regularly.

Many people, too.

Eat these fruits as food.

But eat fruit for dinner.

Is it really good?

A 21 year old boy from Hangzhou

And so he was punished.

Xiaomao, who has just been working for a short time, is a fruit enthusiast. In his opinion, fruit can not only provide the daily nutrition, but also make him lazy.

Breakfast and Chinese food are all settled in the unit, and I will eat fruit when I get home from work. Xiao Mao said he would come to work in Xiasha. Because of the trouble of making dinner, he has eaten fruit for the last month.

Two bananas can reach a meal. Cantaloupe can quench thirst and replenish energy. This is a small week which is so smart that it has replaced 1 months dinner with this kind of fruit with high sugar content.

But just a few days ago, Xiao Mao suddenly appeared in the emergency room of the Xiasha District of the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.

Doctor, I cant do it! In the emergency room, Xiao Mao weakly told the doctor that he was dizzy, dry mouth and nausea. The doctor hurriedly examined him. After examination, the blood sugar content of 79.98mol/l is 10 times that of normal people. The blood PH was 7.05, showing a severe acidity. According to various indicators, Xiao Mao had diabetic ketoacidosis.

The disease is very unstable and is likely to endanger life. Doctors immediately transferred Xiao Mao to intensive care unit for intensive care.

After 3 days of treatment, his condition gradually stabilized. Wang Lingcong, chief physician in ICU. Yesterday afternoon, Xiaomaos body indicators tended to stabilize, and was transferred to the general ward of Endocrinology Department for further treatment.

Before leaving the ICU, Xiao Mao asked me, why should I be so guilty of eating fruits?

In this regard, Wang Lingcong explained that eating fruit is certainly good for your health, but such a way of eating as Xiaomao is not advocated.

The substitution of fruit for dinner may cause uneven nutritional intake in the human body, coupled with the fruit that Xiaomao likes to eat, the sugar content is very high. The amount of sugar he takes every night is much higher than that of a dinner. Wang Lingcong said such extreme unhealthy eating habits induced diabetic ketoacidosis.

When Xiaomao left the guardianship room, Wang Lingcong repeatedly advised Xiaomao to stop playing such smart in diet.

At the same time, he also reminded the public to have a degree when eating fruit, for fruit with high sugar content can not eat too much at once. In addition, it is not recommended that people use fruit instead of meals to lose weight.

Mother makes a cancer prevention dish every day according to the circle of friends.

Daughter recalled, Mother sent these two lists to friends half a month ago, and she also sent them to our family group, saying that the whole family was fighting cancer together. Since that day, the family recipes have not left the two lists, because the list of ingredients is limited, she began to mix style, In her words, a variety of anti-cancer elements to match, in order to be sure.