Parents respond to primary school teachers moral problems: School response: expulsion of teachers involved

 Parents respond to primary school teachers moral problems: School response: expulsion of teachers involved

A letter to bulbang!

This letter is the two parent.

An open letter to President of Ji Hong primary school.

In the letter, the parents complained to the childrens class teacher.

The problem of teachers morality and discipline

And put forward many questions.

The following are the contents of the parents open letter.

Respected leader of red primary school:

I am xxxs mother. This year, according to the principle of near enrollment, six-year-old XXX entered Harbin Jihong Primary Schools Hasi Campus, Class 26, Grade 1, headteacher Ji Mou-mou.

My children are intelligent, lively, kind and confident. In the kindergarten learning experience, although our children are somewhat naughty and can not be loved by others, they also win the favor of teachers and children. Our children can teach math and read quickly. The preschool class learns English three months later than other children, and three months later. My child also ranked fourth and fifth in the test of 16 people; she was active, liked dancing, learned to perform for a month, and stood in the middle to lead the dance; she liked to express her emotions by drawing, happy to draw, unhappy to draw more. I used to think that all these are advantages, but in her head teacher Ji Mous eyes, these are all sins and absolute evils, because the good action and painting or more importantly, for other reasons, XXX has become Ji Mous most annoying children.

I love my daughter. When I took her to the Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University for a nutrition test, I measured her IQ by the way. The result of IQ test was 146 (according to public information, IQ 140 is called genius, 120 to 140 is the best...). For this reason, the family consulted experts from Beijing Childrens Hospital, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Shenzhen Childrens Hospital and the Second Hospital of Medical University. The expertsopinions can be further tested and followed up. One test is not accurate enough, but the trend is accurate, even if her IQ is not so high, but also It must be a very clever kid. I also think my child is a smart child, but two months later, under the guidance of class teacher Ji Mou-mou, without any evaluation, the most common saying of XXX is Im stupid, I cant learn well!

From September last year, the younger brother and sister who played with the community went to Jihong Primary School. XXX was envious and yearning. After graduating from kindergarten this year, I would have taken her to Qingdao beach to play. But XX said that she would be ready to go to school and not go out to play. She spent a summer vacation in excitement. She had a party at home and told her family separately. Every relative said that she would go to Jihong Primary School and go to the first grade. I was very gratified to see her yearning for primary school. But after two months management of a certain class teacher, XXX appeared tired of studying and refusing to go to school.

On September 3, XXX went to Jihong Primary School with joy. In the first few days, he came back every day to talk about things in the school, lively and cheerful. But a few days later, the child did not say anything about the school, and his mood became worse and worse. If asked by his family, he showed great impatience and lost his temper. Although still active, but often playing in the selflessness when they stopped, sluggish eyes. In the middle of the night, I often wake up and cry. I dare not sleep, and I must sleep with my mother. If she is talking, when the adult suddenly asks something, she is very nervous and excited. Its easy to be irritable, impatient, easy to cry, and unwilling to go to school. XXX dads tone was a little harsh, and XXX immediately said, Im wrong. Im wrong! This was not before school.

My parents used to be retired teachers who worked in the front line of education for decades. My mother has nearly 30 yearsexperience as a primary school head teacher. Since the change of xxx, she began to communicate with her children slowly. After many times of direct communication with XXX and indirect communication with XXX classmates, we basically confirmed eight facts:

1. From this years Teachers Day, that is, the 9th day of school, Jimou Jihong, the head teacher of Class 26, Grade 1, Harbin Jihong Primary School, has gradually distinguished his classmates. Some of them are naughty but special care, some are quiet and irresponsible, and some of them are naughty, beaten, humiliated, intimidated and isolated by teachers. Unfortunately, my daughter is in this part.

2.xxxs head teacher, Ji Mou-mou, head teacher of Class 26, Grade 1, Harbin Jihong Primary School, beats XXX many times since this years Teachers Day, so other children on Teachers Day sent her a pointer, which became a tool for her to beat xxxx, beating her hands, head, chest, and fist at the same time. Now we can basically confirm the time, and other children confirm about 10 times.

3. Ji Mou-mou began to carry out fancy penalty stations for XXX and other children after this years TeachersDay. The way of penalty stations is to stand on seats, at the back of the classroom, at the platform, in the corridor, in the empty classroom, at other class tour stations, and send them to the vice-principals office. At the same time, the penalty stations also have to laugh at her with the whole class. Then, I will go to class while I am at the same time. I will also cooperate with other teachers. Other teachers should also humiliate XXX. What can be confirmed is that on November 1, XXX was traveled to class 25. The head teacher of class 25 asked her to stay away from me, if your teacher doesnt want it, I wont want you...

4. Ji Mou-mou has been affirmed once since this years Teachers Day because he used tape to stick his mouth to xxx.

In the 5. quarter, XXX said that she was the most annoying child in the class.

In the 6. quarter, a certain number of XXX rolled out of the class with his schoolbag on his back many times, most recently in November 1st.

7. Ji Mou encourages children to complain in disguise. As long as XXX defendant complains, he either beats or abuses, regardless of the causes and consequences, the latest one is November 1.

8.On November 1, XXX was convicted of four crimes by Jimou Jihong, head teacher of Class 26, Grade 1, Harbin Jihong Primary School.

(1) draw pictures on tissues in class.

(2) there is waste paper in the desk.

(3) speak with children when waiting in the corridor.

Of course, the four crimes are humiliation and roar.

On the evening of the 1st day, Ji called to denounce our children. When her grandmother heard the denouncement on the phone, she argued with her on the phone, and her father quickly said something good. After the phone hung up, like the parents she had met before, she sent out letters in the circle of friends calling herself down and frightening me. Last time, she sent out articles in the group of parents to frighten everyone.

In view of the above facts, please follow the red primary school leader to help me answer the following eleven questions.

2., as a peoples teacher, what season did he fight to punish my child? Who gave her the right to do so? Ji Hong primary school?

In the 3. quarter, how did a certain punishment punish my child? No one is in charge of swimming class. Is there any other teacher to cooperate with the school, or is it the two of them? Is it the Vice Chancellors request to stand in the vice principals office? If not, why not stop it?

In the 4. quarter, what is the way to use sticky tape to stick our childrens mouth?

In the 5. quarter, how did XXX decide to be the most annoying child? She is a teacher in charge of class. Can she have the least favorite child? XXX first annoying, who are those second annoying people? What are her assessment criteria? Does the class in the red primary school choose the most annoying children? What are the standards of schools?

In the 7. quarter, she encouraged to tell a secret. What kind of person did she want to cultivate these children? Grow up to be a spy or a whistleblower?

In the 8. quarter, XXX disliked sick runny nose. Is it guilty to be sick? She suspended classes and was dirty. She could not care about sick 6-year-old students, but could not bully them?

9. Ask Ji to answer me, what is the comparability between a 6-year-old child accidentally touching another 6-year-olds body through thick clothes and twisting his neck with blindness? Its no use apologizing. What else can we do about it? What better way do you have?

10. Please Ji Mou-mou tell me how she made a confident child who tested IQ 146 in a hospital within two months say that she did not study well, woke up in the middle of the night and cried irritably.

11. Please Ji Mou-mou tell me how she spent two months to turn a child who yearned to be a pupil for a year into a child who was tired of learning.

To sum up, I think Ji Mou-mou is not suitable for educational work. I hope that the leader of Harbin Jihong Primary School Harxi Campus will replace Ji Mou-mou, the head teacher of Class 26 in Grade 1, or change the class for xxxx, and ensure that XXX and her classmates will not be beaten, humiliated, fancy punishment and isolation by teachers.

To Ji Mou-mou, I want to say: You are young, you have to learn kindness, as a teacher, but also have love and responsibility!

There is a saying that the female is weak, the mother is rigid. I am really weak, but for my baby, I will fight to the end, I will petition step by step. The Education Bureau of Nangang District in Harbin is at 89 Kuanqiao Street, 69 Upstream Street, 75 Hongjun Street, Nangang District, Heilongjiang Province, and 37 Damucang Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing. I will respond to the situation step by step before solving the problem. I will also send this letter to the provincial and central media as well as to the self-media, and I will be responsible for what I write in my article.

On October 30, the special meeting on teachersmorality and style in Heilongjiang Province was just held in Harbin. The meeting pointed out that it was necessary to raise the awareness of the great significance of teachers morality and style construction, take the construction of teachersmorality and style as the first criterion for evaluating teachers quality, and thoroughly implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of Education and study. General Secretary Jinpings important exposition on the construction of teachersteam has put into practice the relevant requirements of the Central Committees Opinions on Strengthening the Reform of Teachers Team Construction in the New Era and the Provincial Committees Opinions on Implementation for the construction of teachersmorality, so as to create a high-quality teaching team. With a high sense of political responsibility and a high sense of responsibility for the Party and the government, the people and the cause of education, we should conscientiously implement the construction of teachersethics and style of teaching, strive to achieve further improvement of teachers ethics and style of teaching, and promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of education in Longjiang.

Two days later, on Nov. 1, Ji Mou, the head teacher of Class 26, Grade 1, Jihong Primary School in Harbin, convicted XXX of four crimes and let her get out of the class. She did not see any morals and morals in her.

On TeachersDay on September 10, the National Education Congress was held. General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important speech, pointing out that education satisfactory to the people should be done well. Chairman Xi also stressed that the peoples teachers are of great honor. Every teacher should cherish this honor, cherish this profession, strictly demand himself and constantly improve himself. To be a teacher, we must persist in teaching and educating people. We must stick to education and perseverance.

On September 11, XXX became the ninth day of class 26, Grade 1, Hasilou District, Jihong Primary School. It was also the beginning of xxxs beating, fancy penalty station, humiliation and isolation. I didnt see any quarters devotion to education and perseverance in fame and fortune.

I dont know why season is so particular about my children. My children are not so cute, but they are not so annoying. Although my children are naughty, they are not the most naughty children. And I dont think naughty can be the reason why teachers hate students.

Other parents quietly told me that to give money to teachers, teachersday will be sent, preferably in the book, I did not send. Ji did not express this demand directly. I dont know if this kind of beating, humiliation, Figure Penalty station, tour class and isolation is a disguised signal.

Zhu Jihong elementary school is full of peach and plum.

XXX mom, Dad

In the morning of November 2, 2018

In response to this, red school responded.

Respond to the full text

Harbin Jihong Primary Schools Handling Opinions on ParentsReflections on Teachers Ethics in Class 26 of Harbin No.1 Campus

After Harbin Jihong Primary School was informed of this situation, school leaders attached great importance to it and invited parents to know the situation immediately. An investigation team was formed to conduct in-depth investigations on the problems reflected by parents. After investigation, the teacher does exist in the education and teaching work. The school leaders decided in November 2nd that:

1., the school sincerely apologizes to parents.

2. the teacher is a newly recruited teacher of the school in September 2018 and is on probation.

3. Schools should take precautions, strengthen the construction of teachersmorality and style, resolutely put an end to such problems, and create a good educational environment for students growth.

Harbin Ji Hong primary school

November 2, 2018