Guizhou Hengfengs downgrade is not an accident. Wen Xiao ting and fans are clear.

 Guizhou Hengfengs downgrade is not an accident. Wen Xiao ting and fans are clear.

Maybe the moment Manzano is signed, the end is doomed.

In the 2017 season, Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng, who has just entered the Chinese Super League, urgently needs a thorough reform to adapt the team to the rhythm of the Chinese Super League. Li Bings last battle before class finally helped the team win the first victory in the Chinese Super League in Yuexiushan, while Mansano took over the teams whip with Wen Xiaotings efforts.

Manzano is a professor of psychology. He likes to guess the minds of everyone around him, and the team quickly gathers together under the professors kneading. After all, most of the players in the team may be led by such an excellent coach for the first time in their career, who is 100% convinced of the veteran coach. In the middle of the season, Manzano summoned two foreign players from Spain, of course, his former disciples Castro and Suarez, whose presence has greatly strengthened the teams overall strength.

Behind all this is Hengfeng Groups best financial output. The Manzano team has an annual salary of 8 million Euros comparable to that of the Scolari team at that time. The owner used his luxury car directly as Manzanos exclusive driver. At the end of the season, Mansano was regarded as a magic master by the fans from Guizhou province to government officials. Wen Xiaoting wore demotion at the last home of the season. Impossible! T-shirt and Manzano went to the fans stand to carry out the show.

Mansano, as a professor of psychology, is a good hand in business. Under the great pressure of public opinion, Guizhou New Army, which lacks sufficient experience, still opens its pocket and keeps Mansano with huge salary. However, they are not aware of the crisis enough to reduce the continuation. About an annual salary, actually agreed to the Manzano contract does not set performance requirements, who knows that less than half a year after the renewal, Manzano left Guizhou happily with the sky-high price of termination money.

In the past, Madrids strong support in Guizhou only became a spectator.

With Manzano leaving, and foreign aid Mario Suarez, of course, Suarez did not really leave Guiyang, but chose to look on the wall. According to foreign media, when the European transfer window opened, Suarez had planned to leave China just like the two defecting foreign aids of health, but the contract constraints did not allow him to successfully go to the French League. In the end, Suarez spent his salary on the bleachers with his salary.

Signing a contract and renewing Mansano, many people are questioning Hengfeng Groups spending ideas, and the winter window before the beginning of the 18th season has become the biggest turning point of the teams prosperity and decline, while Hengfeng Group completed the acquisition of all shares of Zhicheng Group in the club, becoming the largest shareholder of the club and eventually the club. Also removed the name of Zhi Cheng, only retaining Hengfeng.

In the seventeenth season, Guizhou team almost relied on half of the loan players to complete the first year of promotion. There is no doubt that signing the loan players who want to stay has become the top priority of the invocation work, and the workload is also huge compared with other teams. On the other hand, the team still has a large number of players to renew their contracts, but also to continue to buy new players, try to consolidate the team strength, it can be said that the preparatory period for promotion is very difficult, and it is difficult to guarantee the face.

Eventually, Steve, Zhang Sipeng, Zhao Hejing and other players became new members of Guizhou Team, and the arrival of these new members also caused some disharmonious factors in the locker room.

The new contract is much better than the old one, but at present the level of most domestic players is not too much difference, so the contract gap also makes some playerspsychology have subtle changes, and how these subtle changes will have an impact on the court, maybe it is clear to the players themselves. The biggest trouble is in fact signing with Steve.

After Fudes demotion in Yanbian, news also spread that Steve left the team privately and fought a lawsuit with the Yanbian team, hoping to be free from the bondage of the original contract. However, Yanbian Fude has enough evidence to prove that the club has not made any mistakes in the performance of Steves contract, so as long as a team signs Steve, Yanbian only needs a petition to be submitted to FIFA for arbitration, and the club receiving Steve will face punishment that can not be invoked for at least one year.

In order to make more clubs resist Steves behavior, Yanbian Club sent letters to all professional football clubs in China, hoping that they would abide by the rules of professional football and refuse to accept Steve. However, Guizhou Hengfeng completed the draft of Steve under the guidance of its broker. In order to settle the contract problem that Steve left behind in Yanbian, Hengfeng Group paid a lot of money to Yanbian Club, which is the end of the matter. According to Yanbian reporters personal social networking website, the price is tens of millions.

The League started badly, coupled with the subtle changes in the playersminds, Manzanos famous coach aura faded gradually, and the strength of the second-year students in the Chinese and Super League was also familiar with other teams, which doomed the whole season to be more difficult.

In the first eight rounds of the Chinese Super League, only 1 win, Guizhou Hengfeng and then coach Manzano are under great pressure, while the FA Cup away challenge Guangzhou Hengda, in the eyes of many people at that time, should be a strategic abandonment of the game, fans think so, Guangzhou Hengda also think so, Manzano of course, but Manzano did not think so. What he chose to do was to show off his abilities at this rare opportunity. Eventually, Guizhou Hengfeng relied on penalty shoot-outs to promote Guangzhou Hengda to the next round. After winning the game, the players went crazy and fans on expedition to Guangzhou celebrated the hard-won victory, while Mansano went back to the dressing room with a dark face.

However, the next three rounds, Guizhou Hengfeng is still difficult to win, the cold reality still makes Hengfeng Group painfully determined to cut off relations with Mansano.

The 18-year budget may have been almost used. In the half-year contract of new manager Peter Lescu, the price is only 1.8 million euros. However, according to foreign media reports, Guizhou promised that if Peter Lescu led the team to relegation, he would get a new contract that matched the annual salary of Mourinhos team, and the estimated contract price. About 15 million euros.

However, the early pit is too big to fill, and the team can only crawl on the scoreboard. Peter Lescu also showed a different mood in the team than when he coached Shun Tian before - irritability. In the broadcast footage, it is often seen that Peter Lescu angrily complained to the referee. In the match with Guoan, his mood reached its peak, but in the end, he said goodbye to the bench in advance. Despite winning the game, Peter Lescu still couldnt control his mood in the dressing room after the game. He was furious, and the outdoor corridor echoed the old managers roar. However, it was difficult for outsiders to know what had happened in the dressing room.

However, winning Guoan gave Guizhou Hengfeng great confidence in relegation. Before the first World War I with Tianjin Teda, Guizhou players did not go directly to the dressing room after getting off the bus, but turned into the conference room of the stadium. The reporters who followed the team were arranged by the staff to wait outside the conference room. Along with the players, Wen Wei, the chairman of Hengfeng Group, and the appearance of the chairman of Hengfeng Group, undoubtedly put forward absolute requirements for the goal of the game. It is the chairmans incentive that Guizhou easily won the relegation rival Teda, and successfully pulled the rival into the water. Then, Guizhou was again in the game. The home court has won the 3-0 most successful Dalian side.

Perhaps, can Guizhou really have a relegation miracle? A football logo expresses its views on its social networking website: unfavorable quotation, confused investment, unequal wage structure, incomplete team structure... This can be relegation, that is too small to see the Super League, at least, this is also the top professional league.

Zahawi and Lulins breakthrough completely disrupted Guizhous team, which had been weak in attack. A game that was supposed to be a miracle turned into a hand-to-hand fight. Demotion, all the things that people had anticipated, ended on this day.

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Wen Xiaoting: we will start again next year (source: NetEase sports)

After the game, Guizhou fans were reluctant to leave for a long time, calling for the appearance of Wen Xiao ting.

Thank you for being here with us all the time. I have told you here that we will work hard, we can not afford to lose, Guizhou Hengfeng Group is not a big group, but for football we have not given up. We will do all our hard work and strength to start again next year. We never give up, and we hope you will not give up.

Source: NetEase sports writer: frustrated editor: Li Siming _BJS2696