Japanese media: new TPP strategic significance at a discount, Japan US negotiation or barbed thorn

 Japanese media: new TPP strategic significance at a discount, Japan US negotiation or barbed thorn

Reference News Network reported on November 3 that Japans trade will enter a turbulent period after the entry into force of the new Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) on December 30, and the torrent of market opening will finally pour into agriculture. TPPs so-called encirclement network against China color has been diluted because of the withdrawal of the United States. As a legacy topic, the negotiations with the United States have become a thorn and will continue to plague Japan in the future.

According to Kyodo News Agency on November 1, The common idea of promoting the rules of freedom and justice globally has yielded results. At a press conference on October 31, Japans economic regeneration prime minister, Maki Minchong, proudly introduced the reasons why the new TPP came into force earlier than expected. He mentioned the key word freedom and justice that President Trump loved, and he still remembers the United States at the moment.

By the beginning of 2019, Japans main trade framework will be launched together. With regard to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed with the European Union, the two parties are expected to enter into force on February 1, 2019 if the formalities go smoothly. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP), which covers the huge markets of China and India, reached a substantive compromise in November this year.

Reported that for Japan, which gained economic development through free trade after the war, there is no option to abandon persuading the United States to return to TPP in the process of further expanding the free economic zone in the Asia-Pacific region, although there is little hope.

The report also said that Japan joined the TPP negotiations led by the former US President Obama administration in 2013. The reason why Abes government decided to join the negotiations despite strong opposition from agricultural groups was not only because it could not defy the United States, which was the backbone of security, but also because it took into account Chinas growing influence.

After that, 12 countries including the United States finally signed TPP after efforts, but the Trump Administration immediately announced the withdrawal of the United States, which greatly reduced the strategic significance of TPP. Japan has agreed to launch bilateral negotiations between Japan and the United States, which have been trying to avoid for a long time. The United States has put forward the requirement of market opening equal to or greater than TPP (US Agricultural Secretary Perdue). Severe tariff negotiations will start in early 2019.

According to the report, Japans domestic farmers are at the mercy of the situation. After the new TPP comes into effect, tariffs on many farm and forestry products will be abolished or lowered. Members include Australia and Canada, which have developed livestock and cheese industries. It is difficult to avoid competition with low-cost imports.

According to the report, Xing Zhengmei, 65, a pig farmer in Nakachuandi, Zhimu County, said that she would make great efforts to adjust her business to survive, showing a sense of crisis. The duty on pork advanced parts will be reduced to zero in the tenth years after the entry into force of TPP. Although efforts have been made to achieve efficient production of high-quality pork, it is difficult to fully fill the price gap with foreign pork. Xing Zhengmei asserts that it will inevitably have an impact.

Reported that dairy products are also concerned about the price of domestic cheese depressed by imports, and even fresh milk as raw materials may fall sharply. Women working in cow farming in Hokkaido have spoken of the grim situation of the successive closures of cheese livestock farmers and urgently appealed to the central government to take measures to cope with the shortage of manpower.

The source of this article: Reference News Editor: Ji Ke _b6492