Bournemouth VS United look forward: Marshall brave Lukaku first suspect

 Bournemouth VS United look forward: Marshall brave Lukaku first suspect

Head to Head Record

There are only 14 matches between the two teams. Manchester United 9 wins, 3 draws and 2 defeats, including 3 wins, 2 draws, 2 defeats, and Manchester United has little advantage. There were 6 clash in the league, 4 wins, 1 draws and 1 defeats in the Premier League.

Marshall Pogba is in good condition.

In the first half of last season, Marshall and Bogbas attack combination on the left side was the most powerful and effective weapon in Uniteds attack, but the arrival of Sanchez in January this year broke up the combination. Until Sanchezs long-term downturn became a substitute in recent years, Marshall won a stable starting opportunity, and he and Bogba can again. Stable composition of the left attack combination.

Marshall is the biggest contributor to Manchester Uniteds recent rebound. He has scored three consecutive Premier League goals and made a penalty. He can create threats on the left, whether shooting or passing. With the help of Marshall, Bogba seems to know how to attack reasonably at once. Both of them have strong personal abilities. When two of them cooperate with each other, three or four of them are often unable to resist.

Lukaku is in a slump.

Mourinho rarely put Lukaku on the bench in the last round against Everton because he was in a very depressed condition and scored for Manchester United last time on September 15. Lukaku played the bench for 25 minutes and continued to do nothing. Whether Lukaku will start or not is not clear, because if Lukaku is not used, it can only use Rushford, Rushford plays a very important role in the counter-attack, but in positional warfare, Rushford does not perform well in the position of center, he does not have the ability to do the ball, protect the ball, and it is difficult to serve as a fulcrum in the position of center. Rushford did well as a centre forward in England because he played double forwards with Kane, who worked hard and drew the attention of his opponents, while Manchester United were single forwards.

Will Manchester United retain European champions?

4 days after the game, Manchester United will play a key battle in the Champions League with Juventus. Compared with this league match, the key battles in the Champions League are certainly more important, so it is not clear whether Mourinho will have any reservations. Judging by age, Matic, Ashley Young and Mata are the older players in Uniteds recent starters, while other players are younger and more physically fit to start in a short period of time.

Bournemouth ushered in the devils race

Bourne Maus has been doing well this season. Now he wins 6 points, 2 draws, 2 losses, 20 points, sixth points, and 3 points more than Manchester United. Bournemouths performance has much to do with the schedule. Their top 10 teams only met Chelsea, but Bournemouth started the Devils schedule from the 11th round. In the 11th to 16th rounds, Bournemouths opponents were Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool.

Injury suspension at Bournemouth: Joshua King suspension: No doubt: Francis (defender) injury at Manchester United: Ferraini (midfielder), Dalotte (defender) suspension: No doubt: McTominet (midfielder), Valencia (defender) predicts the start of Bournemouth (343): Bergovich/S-Cook, Aker Daniels/Adam Smith, Lewis-Cook, Lerma, Stanislas/Fraser, Wilson, Brooks Manchester United (4231): De Gea/Ashley-Young, Smalling, Lindlov, Luke-Shaw/Matic, Bogba/Rushford, Mata, Marshall/Lukaku. Sources of this article are: Netease Sports Works. Editor: Mt. Hengshan editor: Liu Jia _NBJ10044

Injury and stop

Bournemouth injury: Joshua gold (forward) suspended: no doubt: Francis (guard)

Manchester United injury: Ferraini (midfielder), Dalotte (defender) suspension: no doubt: McTomini (midfielder), Valencia (defender)

Forecast the first start

Bournemouth (343): Bergowich/S-Cook, Aker, Daniels/Adam-Smith, Lewis-Cook, Lerma, Stanislas/Fraser, Wilson, Brooks

Manchester United (4231): De Gea/Ashley-Young, Smalling, Lindlov, Luke Shaw/Matic, Bogba/Rushford, Mata, Marshall/Lukaku