Gymnastics World Championships Bayer first won the womens vault gold medal Liu Jinru Sixth

 Gymnastics World Championships Bayer first won the womens vault gold medal Liu Jinru Sixth

Womens vault, Liu Jinru preliminary 14.116 points ranked eighth in the final, Bayers ranked first with 15.666 points. Canadian Olsen followed with 14.550 points, while Asian Games champion Lv Ruijing of Korea ranked third with 14.483 points. Chusovitina, veteran of Uzbekistan, ranked fifth in 14.200 points and reached the finals of the world championships again.

American famous general Byres, the first jump backward handspring 180 straight 540, landing although a step, but the completion quality is very high, the difficulty of 6.0 completion points 9.266, 15.266 points. In the second jump, Byersdifficulty was 5.8. She landed slightly and smoothly without affecting the overall quality. She scored 15.466 points in 9.666 and won the championship with an average of 15.366 points in two jumps. This is her first time to win the gold medal in Horse Vaulting in the World Championship.

Canadian Olsen, the first jump difficulty 6.0 set, good quality completion score of 8.6, 14.600 points. Olsens difficulty in the second jump was reduced to 5.4, but he finished well and scored 9.033, with 14.433 points and an average of 14.516 points in two jumps.

Mexican Moreno played well. The difficulty of the first jump 5.8 was 8.8, and the complete set of high-quality finished jumps was 14.600. In the second jump, Morenos difficulty was 5.62. The completion score reached 8.916. Although the landing deducted 0.1 points, it still got 14.416 points, and the average score of the two jumps was 14.508 points. ,

Uzbekistans 43-year-old veteran, Chusovikina, made a front handspring, forward somersault, 360 in the first jump, and generally fell to the ground almost kneeling, with a difficulty score of 5.8, 8.6 and 14.300. In the second jump, Sovikina Tombs straight back flip was 540, with a difficulty score of 5.2 as high as 9.0, with 14.200 points, ranking fourth with an average of 14.300 points in two jumps.

South Korean Asian Games champion Lv Ruijing, the first jump forward handspring body forward somersault 540, completed beautifully, landing slightly unstable, difficulty score 5.8 completion points 8.833, 14.233 points. In the second jump, Lv Ruijingzis handspring and back flip 720 were equally excellent, with a difficulty score of 5.4 and 8.533, a nearly falling score of 13.933 and a two-jump average score of 14.233.

Liu Jinru, a Chinese athlete, successfully completed the 5.6 difficulty of the first jump without standing on the ground, scoring 8.600 points, 0.1 points for minor mistakes and 14.100 points. The second jump, Liu Jinrus 5.8 difficulty, landed a big step backward, staggered, completed 8.400 points to 14.200 points, two jumps average 14.150 points ranked sixth.