The pyramid selling group was arrested on the downline, and 3 people ran to the police station to ask if they were caught online.

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 The pyramid selling group was arrested on the downline, and 3 people ran to the police station to ask if they were caught online.

You may see a lot of news about Duan.

The subject is all

A man came to the police station and suddenly found himself a fugitive.

The police officers who experienced this matter showed a joyful smile.

The police sorghum of Shenzhen recently

Also encountered this (good) thing.

Police officer, am I a fugitive?

Oh, really!

Recently, Luohu Public Security Bureau Sungang police station.

Receive a special help.

Two women and a man came to the police station.

Ask the police to help them find out.

Do we have a criminal record?

Are we being pursued online?

This is -

Guilty, but I dont know?

If you really commit a crime, voluntarily surrender yourself?

This attracted the attention of the police on duty.

So immediately through the police platform query.

This investigation, the three people really have problems!

They are all suspects on the Internet.

So all three were controlled on the spot.

After interrogation, the police learned that these three people joined the illegal pyramid selling organization in 2016, and then developed off-line illegal pyramid selling in Guizhou, Wuhan and other places under the name of investment projects.

In 2017, the Hubei police destroyed the pyramid selling Gang, and the three escaped by chance. Not long ago, they learned that many offline were caught by the police, suspected that they were being chased online, after repeated discussions, they decided to go to the police station to verify.

If not, settle down.

If we are pursued, we surrender ourselves and return home after we get out.

At present, three suspects have been detained.

Shenzhen police also contacted the Wuhan police.

The case awaits further processing.

It happens that there is a similar case

Another similar incident has occurred in Shenzhen recently.

On the morning of October 30, a cyber fugitive came to the Peoples Court of Baoan District of Shenzhen as a plaintiff to hold a court session, but his identity of the cyber fugitive was identified by the court during the security check of the court session. Baoan court initiated an emergency plan according to the actual situation on the spot, and the trial proceeded normally. After guaranteeing that the net fugitives fully exercise their litigation rights as plaintiffs, the police in the jurisdiction also took them away for investigation after the trial.

Here, Shenzhen police tips.

Those who are at large must voluntarily surrender themselves.

This is definitely the most sensible choice!

Face up to the crimes committed by yourself, and sincerely repent.

Only then can we return to society and return to family at an early date.

Start a new life!

As for the no criminal record certificate mentioned earlier.

What to do in Shenzhen?

Look at here.

Pay attention to Shenzhen public security WeChat public number

Into the left bottom livelihood policing platform

Find criminal police business

Finally, I would like to commend the voluntary surrender of these three points. ~Source of this article: Shenzhen Public Security Publishing Responsible Editor: Xun Jianguo_NN7379

Finally, lets praise the three loci who voluntarily surrender themselves.