Taiwan authorities said civil servants were willing to work for candidates to praise illegal users.

 Taiwan authorities said civil servants were willing to work for candidates to praise illegal users.

According to Taiwans Central News Agency on November 1, the Ministry of Narrative Affairs reported at the Examination Court meeting on how to cooperate with the relevant provisions on appointment, performance appraisal and administrative neutrality in the nine in one election of civil servants.

The Ministry of Quanshu said that it had announced on August 20 that in order to cooperate with the election announcement issued by Taiwans Election Committee, officials of various organs were requested to strictly observe administrative neutrality in order to ensure the administration according to law, the implementation of justice and political neutrality of public officials.

Because of the developed network information, the Ministry of Civil Affairs reminds civil servants that it is not appropriate to connect to social networking sites such as Facebook during office hours or on the Internet on public computers to engage in network activities unrelated to the performance of their duties, and that they should not use their position power, opportunities and methods to require other people to join candidates for public office. Members of social networking sites, or support or oppose specific political parties, political groups, and candidates for public office, in order to avoid inadvertent violations of administrative neutrality by public officials on the Internet.

Li Jixuan, secretary-general of Taiwans Examination Institute, said that there might be too many ways to violate administrative neutrality, but he still hoped that civil servants would abide by basic principles and ethics. For example, he said that he could not take part in political activities during office hours, including publicly commenting on candidatesFacebook and leaving messages, otherwise he was afraid of violating administrative legislation.

When the Taiwan authorities declared their position, the work point was praised for breaking the law also caused concern among the people on the island. Someone asked if it was possible to press the other buttons to praise illegal activities, Can you press the praise only on Saturdays and Sundays?

Some people satirize that the tube is too wide, and that Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, will turn a blind eye.

Some people also say that the DPP administration officials are all praises. It is also meaningful to say that the Bureau of Investigation is under surveillance, and the Department of Quanshu praises illegal activities, which is not yet understood there is no way out.

Some people even wrote the couplet to sum up the incident: only the senior officials platforms were not allowed to be praised by the grass-roots units.

The Ministry of Narrative Studies is one of the institutions of the Examination Institute of the Taiwanese authorities, which is the highest Narrative Department and the competent personnel authority of the Taiwanese authorities. Narrative refers to the qualifications for appointment of public servants, and to the salaries of public servants according to law, which is equivalent to the performance appraisal in human resources management.

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