In the twenty-second round of the round, Fan Yunruo defeated Li Shishi in Chen Yaoyes battle.

 In the twenty-second round of the round, Fan Yunruo defeated Li Shishi in Chen Yaoyes battle.

Party Yi flew to bear Li Qincheng (fast).

Ancient Ling Yi wins Xie Ke

Ma Yi wins He Yang

China international team Xiamen is at home against Shanghai. Ke Jie defeated fan Yun Ru in a mess of battle, and Peng Liyao beat Liao Hangwen. Foreign aid Li Dongxun beat Hu Yaoyu to add to the teams icing on the cake. Li Weiqing scored only 1 Games in Shanghai. The CFA Xiamen team scored 3 points at home and left a weak hope of winning the championship.

China international team Xiamen 3-0 Shanghai Jianqiao College team

Zhou Rui Yang negative Li Weiqing

Ke Jiesheng Fan Yunruo (main)

Peng Liyao wins Liao Hangwen (fast)

Li Dongxun wins Hu Yaoyu

Judging from the scoreboard, Chongqing Epp Real Estate Team and Minsheng Bank Beijing Team are all no desire, no desire teams, but the essence of chess players is to win or lose, even for their own winning bonuses, players will not easily give up. The Kuli Bureau, which has recently recovered, was defeated by Guizhou youngster Shi Yu, but Li Xuanhao, Yang Dingxin and Tan Xiao all won, with Chongqing scoring 3 points.

Chongqing eppu real estate team 3-0 Beijing Minsheng Bank

Li Xuanhao wins Shen Peiran

Yang Ding Xin Sheng Shi Yue (main)

Gu Li is in charge of stone.

Tan Xiao and Tao Tao are pleased.

Huatai Securities Jiangsu is currently leading 7 points, this is a good situation. Today, however, the three teams of Jiangxi team have pulled back the pace of Jiangsus advance. Gu Zihao will win the battle of Li Ting, Xu Jiayang and Tu Xiaoyu. 1 points of the Jiangsu team, the sense of crisis should be more and more intense.

Jiangxi four wine team 3-0 China Thai securities Jiangsu team

Xu Jiayang wins Tong Mengcheng

Gu Zihao Sheng Yu Yu Ting (main)

Yang Kaiwen bears Huang Yunsong (fast)

Tu Xiaoyu wins Zhao Chenyu

The 4 point lead is not safe for Zhejiang Kunlun team. In this round, against Hangzhou Team of Longyuan Ming City, Zhejiang Team is hard to win. Even if Shen Changchao, a Korean foreign aid, was cut off by Xia Chen-kun. After the current round, the Quzhou team of Zhejiang Kunlun team really has only half body difference. And there are 4 rounds in the league, and the relegation zone suddenly has suspense.

Ding Haosheng Zhang Tao (fast)

Shen Zhen Chao wins Qin Yuexin (main)

Xia Chen K Sheng Sheng Shen

Wu Guang Ya Sheng Li Zhe

This year, Yi Ling Tao, who killed the Quartet in the fast chess team, sat on the throne and was defeated by Schell ho. However, the remaining three Shandong team played well, making up for the situation of the main generals defeat, and securing the top 6 position in the scoreboard.

Tianjin four construction team 0-3 Shandong Jingzhi wine team

Wang Zejin bears Chen Zijian (fast)

Cher Hao Sheng Yi Lingtao (main)

Meng Tailing bears Fan Tingyu.

Tang Weixing and Jiang Wei Jie

Li Shishi won again! Or defeated his old enemy Chen Yaoye. This is the final game of Li Shishis defeat, but also from a trick to dig to open up its own way of reversal, perhaps this trick really will be Xiao Lis name. Zhong Wenjing and Wei Jiaxi were former teammates. Zhong Wenjing, who was in poor season, showed his style at the crucial moment to lock in the victory for Quzhou Team. Hu Yuhans half eyed K Han one Zhou added 1 points to Quzhou. After the current round, the Quzhou team was only 1 points behind, and the road to relegation was revive.

Mr sin, the negative bell, Wen Jing (fast)

Chen Yaoye bears Li Shishi (main)

Han Yizhou negative Hu Yu letter

Cai Jingsheng Ding Shixiong

The twenty-second round points are as follows:

Ranking teams will be divided into winners.

1 Huatai Securities Jiangsu 485414

2 SUPOR Hangzhou 435413

3 Jiangxi four wine 425313

Four International Travel Associates with Xiamen 4250155 Tianjin Sijian 3949156 Shandong Jingzhi Wine 3751107 Longyuan Ming City Hangzhou 3546158 CITIC Beijing 3345129 Minsheng Bank Beijing 32431210 Chengdu Yijin Holding 29441011 Chongqing Epp Real Estate 29412 Shanghai Jianqiao College 2637913 Zhejiang Kunlun 1427quzhou Bags 13225 Source: Responsible Editor of China Chess and Card Network Liu Jie _NS6529

4 CITS combined with Xiamen 425015

5 Tianjin four construction 394915

6 Shandong Jingzhi wine 375110

7 Hangzhou, 354615

8 CITIC Beijing 334512

10 Chengdu Yi Jin Holdings 294410

11 Chongqing love estate 29418

12 Shanghai Jianqiao College 26379

13 Zhejiang Kunlun 14273

14 Quzhou, 13225