Two Chinese citizens sent to Mongolia Embassy in Mongolia for warning

 Two Chinese citizens sent to Mongolia Embassy in Mongolia for warning

Recently, two Chinese citizens lost contact during their travels to Mongolia and are suspected to have explored an unmanned area near Lake Kusugur. At present, search and rescue work is still in progress. Mongolia is vast and sparsely populated, with poor road conditions in some remote areas, poor communication networks and sparsely populated areas.

The Chinese Embassy in Mongolia reminds tourists:

First, rationally choose tourism projects and do well in safety precautions. Before traveling, tourists should be fully aware of the safety risks. It is suggested that travel agencies with high reputation and good service should be selected, accommodation and catering services should be booked through regular channels, outdoor activities should be accompanied as far as possible, and no stimulation or blind exploration should be pursued, and caution should be taken to go to no mans land. Travel accident insurance and medical insurance can be purchased before the trip.

Two, if you go to pastoral areas, please be well prepared. Dont act alone with group visitors to avoid losing contact with the team. Before driving, passengers should check the vehicle condition and prepare petrol, spare tire, food and drinking water. It is suggested that as many cars as possible travel together, intercom and satellite telephone should be prepared in advance, and communication should be maintained smoothly so as to avoid being trapped in pastoral areas.

3. Pay close attention to the relevant tips on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia to understand the weather, health, transportation and social security in Mongolia. Do not venture out in case of bad weather or physical discomfort.

Four, improve safety awareness and guard against robbery risk. Do not carry large amounts of cash with you. Do not store valuables in Hotel rooms. Avoid separation of people and bags when traveling, visiting and shopping. Avoid going out at night as much as possible. In case of robbery, we should keep calm, avoid disputes with robbers or physical conflicts leading to injuries. We should call the police immediately after confirming that there is no security threat. At the same time, we can contact the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia.

5. Common contact information (1) Emergency call in Mongolia: (1) Fire-101 (2) Bandit Police-102 (3) Emergency Rescue Center Telephone-321811, 103 (4) Traffic Accident Service-321008 (2) Global Consular Protection and Services Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Contact Telephone: +86-10-12308 or +86-10-59913991 (3) Resident in Mongolia Embassy Consular Protection and Assistance Telephone: 976-99112578, 95269751 (IV) Consular Protection and Assistance Telephone of Consulate General in Menwude: 976-95186992 Source of this article: Author of New Beijing News: Xie Lian Responsible Editor: Li Hang_BJS4645

Five, common contact ways

(1) Mongolia state emergency telephone:

(1) fire alarm -101

(2) bandit police -102

(4) traffic accident -321008 on duty

(2) Contact number of the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +86-10-12308 or+86-10-59913991

(four) consular protection and assistance for the general consulate stationed in door and window: 976-95186992