The man strangled his 10 year old wife and asked her son to say goodbye to her mother.

 The man strangled his 10 year old wife and asked her son to say goodbye to her mother.

In anger, the husband will strangle his wife ten years younger than him.

And then he sent his wife a WeChat.

Take a lot of drugs and cut two wrist and feet.


Man strangled his ten year old wife

Wang Qiang, a 42-year-old native of Jilin Province, was sentenced to seven yearsimprisonment by the Wafangdian Peoples Court on November 7, 1997 for robbery. After one year and eleven months of commutation, Wang Qiang was released on September 25, 2002.

In 2006, Wang Qiang married Han Xue, who was 10 years younger than him, and the two married soon after he had a son. They often quarreled over trivial matters. Wang Qiang and his wife divorced once in 2011, but remarried three years later.

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Wang Qiangs family rented a house in Xiaogushan, Dalian Development Zone. On the morning of September 30, 2017, Wang Qiang and his wife quarreled again over family trifles.

Because weve been divorced once, Im tired of hearing her hang the divorce on her lips. After she said,You dont strangle me, Ill divorce you tomorrow, I got very angry and got the idea of strangling her.

After a while, I found that her legs did not kick the quilt, her face was purple, her right mouth was bleeding, and I let go. I was afraid that she would not save her if she told me about it after I was saved.

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Later, Wang Qiang went to school to take his son home. When his son came home to find his mother, Wang Qiang told him, We quarreled and made your mother cry and sleep angrily. Then Wang Qiang tidied up his sons things and asked him to go to his aunts house for eleven days. Before leaving, Wang Qiang let his son see his mother.

Wang Qiangs son said:

I see that her face is purple, and there are tears in her eyes. I left with my mother and left.

Leaving love WeChat to commit suicide

Wang Qiang sent his son home and regretted seeing his dead wife again. He decided to go with his wife. He also sent his wife such a message on his mobile phone.

Now that you choose that road, I will accompany you.

You go first, wait for me, I will go with you.

Wang Qiang first took a large number of drugs.

Cut their wrist and instep respectively.

At noon on October 1st,

Wang Qiang blurred his brothers phone call for him to eat.

He refused.

I found myself not dead.

I want to jump upstairs.

So he went out barefoot.

Later, they collapsed in the corridor because of their physical strength.

The neighbor called the alarm phone immediately after he found it.

When the police arrived at the scene, Wang Qiang was sent to the hospital for rescue. After he was sober, they truthfully confessed the crime of killing his wife. After identification, Han Xues neck was subjected to mechanical external asphyxia and died of mechanical asphyxia.

Intentional homicide was sentenced to 15 years.

In October 2, 2017, Wang Qiang was under criminal detention.

It was arrested in October 12th of the same year.

Dalian peoples Procuratorate

Wang Qiang was prosecuted for intentional homicide.

Though Wang Qiang killed Han Xue,

But Han Xues relatives were understanding with Wang Qiangyu.

And request the court to give the defendant a lighter or mitigated punishment.

Wang Qiang had no objection to the facts and charges alleged in the indictment. The defense counsel thinks:

Wang Qiang and the victim are husband and wife, because of the trivial life quarrel led to the case, this case has a cause; the victims family members expressed understanding of Wang Qiangs behavior; Wang Qiang confessed truthfully after the case, a good attitude of confession, hope that the court will punish him lightly.

The court held that Wang Qiang intentionally illegally deprived other people of their lives due to trivial accidents, resulting in serious consequences of one persons death. His actions seriously violated the citizensright to life, undermined public order and constituted a crime of intentional homicide.

Although Wang Qiang has a criminal record of violent crime, he confessed the facts of the crime truthfully, confessed guilt and repented in court, and this case is a crime caused by the intensification of family contradictions. The tragedy led to the breakup of the family. The real victim is the 10-year-old child of the family. Both families and children hope the defendant will be early. Japans return to society bears the heavy responsibilities of the family. In order to protect the physical and mental health of minors and promote the healthy growth of minors, taking into account the above circumstances of sentencing, the court punished Wang Qiang lightly according to law.

The intermediate peoples Court of Dalian decided on the first instance.

Wang Qiangfan committed intentional homicide.