Robin Li: the confidence of private entrepreneurs is increasing. Baidu will fight ahead.

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 Robin Li: the confidence of private entrepreneurs is increasing. Baidu will fight ahead.

More than 50 representatives of private entrepreneurs participated in the symposium. Among them, 10 entrepreneurs, Liu Jiren, Lu Weiding, Wang Xiaolan, Sun Feiyang, Lu Yong, Tang Xiaoou, Liu Hanyuan, Tan Jianfeng, Liu Yi and Geng Zhe, made speeches successively, and put forward opinions and suggestions on supporting the development of private enterprises under the new situation.

Robin Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu Inc, also attended the forum.

Robin Li said that he listened to the speech of the general secretary and made their private entrepreneurs feel confident.

When the General Secretary participated in the discussion of the joint meeting of the National Political Association in 2016, he specifically expounded the Partys and the states policies and policies towards the private economy. In this speech, he not only mentioned two unshakable, but also instructed us to implement the six aspects of policy measures. I deeply realized that the General Secretary has always put the promotion of the accelerated development of private enterprises in mind, and the stimulation of the innovation vitality of private entrepreneurs in mind. Robin Li said after the meeting.

At the Symposium on November 1, Xi Jinping pointed out that in the process of Chinas economic development, we should constantly create a better environment for the development of private economy, help the private economy to solve the difficulties in development, turn pressure into power, let the innovative source of private economy flow fully, and let the creative vitality of private economy burst out fully. At present, we must do well in implementing the policy measures in 6 aspects. First, lighten the tax burden of enterprises. We should do a good job in supply side structural reform and cost reduction actions, and promote substantial tax cuts such as value added tax. The two is to solve the financing problem of private enterprises. The three is to create a fair competition environment. Four is to improve the way of policy implementation. The five is to build a new relationship between the Qing Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. The six is to protect the safety of family members and property.

Robin Li also said that AI has become a new economic kinetic energy. Baidu is the worlds first to invest in artificial intelligence, and landing applications are also the worlds leading, at present in agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, retail and other industries have a good case. Baidu is very confident that it will further promote more industrial transformation and upgrading in the future. At the same time, Baidu is also giving full play to its broad-spectrum advantages of technology, supporting the development of intelligent transportation with innovative technologies such as AI thinking, vehicle-road coordination and automatic parking, so as to better integrate AI technology with urban management, comprehensive management, security emergency and other fields, and build a new intelligent city in the future.

Robin Li said that in order to realize the expectation of the general secretary to play the goose geese effect of AI, Baidu will fight ahead and be duty bound to do so.