Mathematics? 3 rounds in the last 5 points will win 6 points, but may be attacked by Evergrande.

 Mathematics? 3 rounds in the last 5 points will win 6 points, but may be attacked by Evergrande.

There is an interesting phenomenon, that is, in the case of the Chinese Super League has three rounds, if they can get 5 points in Hong Kong, they will certainly win the championship, but if they get 6 points, they may not win the championship.

Is it very interesting?

If Hengda wins, it will lead Hengda by 5 points in two rounds, and take 2 points in the last two rounds. Hengda can only get 6 points even if it wins all, and can only narrow the difference of 4 points. Hengda can not catch up with Shangda and win the championship.

If Hengda is equal, it will still lead Hengda by 2 points in the next two rounds, and by 4 points in the last two rounds, Hengda will only get 6 points in the final two rounds. Hengda can only narrow the gap of 2 points and keep up with Hong Kong at most. With the advantage of mutual competition, the host wins the tourists and the champion will still go to Hong Kong.

Therefore, in the next 3 rounds, we will win the first prize in the next 5 rounds. These five points, in fact, limit the win or tie of Shangkong Passenger War. Under this premise, Shangkong can win the championship.

And if in the next three games, go to Hong Kong to get 6 points, get more points, why not necessarily win the championship?

In fact, if you get 6 points, there is a premise that there is no limit, that is, the possibility of losing in Hong Kong away.

In the 6 points scored in Hong Kong, if there is a win in the away game, they will win the championship. The principle is the same as 5 points. Winning Hengda, getting 6 points in three rounds and 6 points in three rounds, Hengda was still 2 points behind Hong Kong and won the championship.

To sum up, the result of the 28th round of Hengda Tongs competition in Hong Kong will be very important and determine the ownership of the championship this season. If Shang Hong Kong can draw or win Hengda, it will take the absolute advantage of winning the championship, and once lost, the initiative will be handed over to Hengda.

Lets take a look at the last three rounds of competition between Hong Kong and Hengda.

In Hong Kong, Hengda will fight at home, Hengda will fight at home and away. Hengda will fight at home first, then Chongqing at home and Teda at home.

From the opponents analysis, the difficulty of going to Hong Kong is bigger than Heng Da. Especially in the final game, once the opponent kicks seriously, it is not easy to win. It is Hengda. If we can cross the barrier of going to Hong Kong and play two relegation teams in the last two rounds, relying on the crushing of strength, winning should not be a problem.

So dont rush to a conclusion, wait and see, after all, every year to the end of the official, Zhongchao moths will not be few.