5 days after the death of a mans car crash, the body of a hospital morgue disappeared.

 5 days after the death of a mans car crash, the body of a hospital morgue disappeared.

Mr. Wang of Ruzhou seeks help from the people 315.

The remains were parked in the morgue.

5 days later

The body was suddenly lost.

What is going on here?

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Weird! 5 days after the death of a man in a Henan accident, the remains of the body disappeared mysteriously in the morgue.

At 7 a.m. on October 11, 2018, Liu Haixin, the family member of Mr. Wang, died on the spot in a traffic accident. His body was taken to the morgue of Ruzhou Peoples Hospital for storage. On October 16, 2018, Liu Haixins family went to the morgue to visit the body, but found that Liu Haixins body was missing!!!

So where is the body? Why would it be lost without any reason?

Mr. Wang told the Commissioner that they had dialed 110 to call the police. After the police of Meishan Police Station knew about the situation, they asked them to go to the hospital to solve the problem themselves. After understanding the situation, the correspondent came to the depository of the body of Mr. Liu at that time. Here, the Commissioner found that the so-called morgue was two simple rooms built in a large courtyard of Ruzhou Peoples Hospital.

According to the head of the morgue, a woman from Qinghai Province came to claim her fathers body. Due to her careless work, she gave Mr. Lius body to the woman by mistake. Now the body has been cremated.

Family members of the deceased said that they had seen such a regulation in the morgue before: when collecting the body in the morgue, family members should identify it face to face and guard against wrongly collecting the body. And register the death registration card and death certificate, and sign the transfer procedures. So why does this mistake happen?

The mission saw in the mortuary that the so-called morgue is the two simple activity room. One is storing medical waste and the other is storing the remains. Does the mortuary meet the relevant requirements?

In view of the morgue in the hospital, the director of the office of Ruzhou Peoples Hospital said that there was no economic and subordinate relationship between the hospital and the morgue.

In response to this, the director of the office of Ruzhou Peoples Hospital said that in order to solve the dispute between the two sides, the hospital had controlled the vehicles of the person in charge of the mortuary and asked the person in charge of the mortuary to handle the matter properly.

At present, the family members of the deceased have reached a settlement with the morgue.

Just this morning, Ruzhou Peoples Hospital issued a statement of investigation, saying that the morgue has nothing to do with the system, subordination and business.

Since such a small edition wants to ask why this undocumented and formalities morgue will be built in Ruzhou Peoples Hospital? If there is nothing to do with the hospital, why can these bodies enter the hospital gate casually? If there is no relationship with the hospital, why can an undocumented morgue exist in the hospital hall for three years? Is this morgue still going to exist? We will continue to pay attention to this matter. Source: Henan public channel editor: Yang Yi _NBJ10647

ince it is so

The little editor wants to ask

Why is this undocumented, unlicensed morgue?

Will it be built in Ruzhou peoples hospital?

If there is nothing to do with the hospital

Why can these bodies enter the hospital gate at random?

Why can an unlicensed morgue be in a hospital compound?

Is there a three year old existence?

Is this morgue still going to exist?

For this matter,

We will continue to pay attention.